About the Commonwealth of Dominica

The Nature Island

Dominica is the Caribbean’s best kept secret. We are with numerous clean rivers, therapeutic sulfuric pools, and many more natural wonders not found in our sister islands. We are known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean for good reason!

Much of Dominica’s rugged, untouched terrain is covered with lush rain forests, crystal clear waterfalls and exotic flora. Accordingly, hiking, backpacking and exploring are popular visitor activities.

Our beaches run the color gamut, from dark volcanic black sand to golden brown sand. Additionally, we have the best snorkeling and scuba diving sites in the Caribbean and we’re famously known as the whale-watching capital of the region!

Check out this short video from Riot House, a French production company who won the 2015 Dominican Film Challenge. Dominica is beautiful, don’t you agree!

Get to know Us

The island of Dominica is a sovereign nation and border-less country in the Caribbean Sea; the northernmost of the Windward Islands.

Officially named the Commonwealth of Dominica, it is the largest and most mountainous of the the Windward Islands, with an area of 289.5 sq. miles (754 sq. km). It is 29 miles long and 16 miles at its widest.

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Commonwealth of Dominica
Here’s a detailed road map of the Commonwealth of Dominica. www.caribbean-on-line.com

(To view and download a larger version of this map, please go to Map of Dominica.)