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Rotary Club of Portsmouth distributes Christmas hampers


Together with Rotary Club of Barbados South the Rotary Club of Portsmouth distributed 45 Christmas hampers. 

Rotary Club of Barbados South sponsored 45 Christmas hampers made by LA Enterprise in Portsmouth. President Vivian-Anne and PP Sonya from the RC Barbados South came over to help with the distribution.

Although their flight got delayed for almost 2 hours we still made it to get most of the distribution done together with them. President Hans, PP Ezra, PP Stewart, President Elect Sari and Treasure Matilda went to the airport to great our fellow Rotarians from Barbados.

We started in Marigot where we distributed 15 Christmas hampers.

From Marigot we drove up north to a village called Bense where another 15 hampers were distributed.In Bense PP Lise, VS Anne and rotarian Carola joined the distribution team. 

As you can see some areas we could not reach by car so we had some nice walks in the beautiful nature of Bense. After Bense we continued direction North to end in Portsmouth where the last 15 hampers were distributed.

Members of the Rotary Club of Barbados thank you again for this spontaneous donation and collaboration. Members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth thank you for your time and energy to make it happen.

Staff and management from LA Enterprise thank you for the effort to get all 45 hampers done on time after a very short notice.

We ended the day with a nice pot-luck dinner at Rotarian Virginie’s house where Rotarian Marianne, Remi, Sam and our AG Sammy joined us.

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NBD, Giving Back to Communities This Holiday Season [Photos]


Joy, support, warmth and togetherness are just a few of the ways in which NBD touched lives in twelve communities and three institutions this Christmas season.

The Bank’s giving spirit began with its various departments identifying families in need and surprising them with an act of kindness.  Thirteen families were presented with grocery hampers during the season. The recipients were touched by NBD’s thoughtfulness and grateful to NBD’s staff in their communities for recognizing their need and selecting them to receive a hamper

The Bank also held its annual Children’s Christmas Party, this time, for the students and staff of the Salisbury Government School, where they all came together for a fun-filled afternoon.  The children were delighted with games and entertainment by NBD’s mascot, Tiko, the frog, and burst into peals of joy when Santa made his appearance.  The children and teachers were presented with gifts, while a cash donation was made to the school. The principal of the school, Mr. Harry Langlais, thanked NBD for selecting the school as the recipient of its generosity this Christmas and assured the Bank that the money will go a long way in helping to purchase supplies for the school.

On Sunday, 23rd, staff of the NBD came together to host the residents of Operation Youth Quake and Chances to a luncheon.   The staff prepared and served lunch to the children at the Bank’s location in Canefield.  The NBD team had the distinct pleasure of sharing a gratifying afternoon with the children.

Mr. Ellingworth Edwards lauded the NBD staff for their contribution and commitment to enriching the lives of individuals during the holiday season.  “At NBD, we consider the Christmas season to be all about giving back and showing generosity and compassion to those in need,”  commented Mr. Edwards.  “On behalf of The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of NBD, I extend Season’s Greetings to all and best wishes for 2019.”

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Discover Dominica Authority Hosts International Press and Travel Advisers


Thursday, December 20, 2018 — Roseau, Dominica October through December 2018 was a hive of activity in the tourism sector as the Discover Dominica Authority executed its strategy of re-introducing destination Dominica to members of the international media and travel trade. In readiness for a more aggressive outreach in 2019, over 70 press and travel agent contacts from all of Dominica’s major source markets were invited to come and experience the destination.  

These educational familiarization and press trips enabled travel agents, tour operators and journalists to appreciate the strides the country has made since the passage of Hurricane Maria, visit the re-opened properties and to see first-hand the developments within the sector primarily as relates to the large luxury hotel plant coming on stream.

The plethora of  activities on offer provided enjoyable and exhilarating diversions for our guests, who were able to immerse themselves in our unique brand of wellness, adventure and food excursions, becoming true Nature Island ‘experts’ and ambassadors in the process.

First, through the medium of music in the true celebratory season of Independence and Reunion, media houses from the Caribbean, Germany and France were hosted by the DDA for the festivities of the World Creole Music Festival, experiencing the island’s authentic culture on an intimate level. 

Travel agents and Tour Operators from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, USA, Canada and the English speaking Caribbean were all hosted during the months of November and December. 

Customised itineraries were designed to focus on new initiatives in the tourism industry, one-on-one meetings and interviews with stakeholders and experiences of product offerings and tours to various sites and attractions. 

Also included in press visits for November and December were writers who are top in their field, producing features on the destination from an experiential point of view. 

A journalist from USA’s renowned Travel and Leisure Magazine was present on island to document the recovery efforts and voluntourism activities; from the UK, chef, television presenter and entertainer, Ainsley Harriott embarked on a culinary excursion on Dominica.

These efforts alone will produce a 1-2 page feature on Dominica in February, and a television series of 2 one-hour episodes of local culinary fare and experiences on Ainsley’s Caribbean Adventure. Coupled with vloggers, travel writers and reports from various media outlets within our source markets, destination Dominica is sure to get maximum exposure to its various publics globally.

CEO and Director of Tourism commented that “This augurs well for continuing the momentum which saw an increase in arrivals from the one year milestone after Hurricane Maria, with a 15% increase in arrivals in September and a 91 % increase in arrivals in October when compared to 2017.

With increased improvements, heightened awareness and exciting initiatives in the coming months, the Nature Island is set to reclaim its rightful place as the quintessential nature holiday experience in the Caribbean.”

For more information on Dominica, contact Discover Dominica Authority at 767 448 2045 or, visit Dominica’s official website: www.DiscoverDominica.com, follow Dominica on Twitter and Facebook and take a look at our videos on YouTube.

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OECS YES In Action features Sharome Burton


This month, OECS YES In Action caught up with Sharome Burton, a 23 year old Dominican Sports Journalist gaining international exposure and using his voice and reporting platform to empower young athletes!

This article was originally published on the OECS website.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a young man who tries to reflect virtue in my word and action.

I am currently a news and sports reporter/announcer at the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation – the national radio station on my island – where I’ve been employed for the past two-and-a-half years. I attained Associate’s degrees in Mass Communications & Political Science, and Mathematics & Biology at the State College in Dominica and I will be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Midwestern State University in Texas starting this spring.

I have a great love for natural sciences, sports and current world events and I believe in searching for constant self-improvement and being as well-rounded as possible. A few things that I think stand out about me are patience, consciousness, curiosity and the ability to listen – I could sometimes spend hours in discussion on any number of areas and it feels so natural. And no one’s ever accused me of not having a sense of humour.

Apart from reporting on sports, I am also active in road cycling and enjoy shore fishing, freediving, and visual arts in my free time.

Hard work and discipline is my mantra.

When did you first notice your inclination towards Sports?

I think I was first drawn to sports when I completed primary school, and I needed something to do during that summer before moving on to secondary school so I joined some friends at a Cricket Academy in Roseau. I wasn’t very active as a child before that and I was very determined to improve so it lit a spark in me to keep learning more about cricket (and many other sporting activities later on).

It also helped that my dad, Oliver Burton, was really well-known in local basketball and a former national team captain, and he was very supportive with everything.

I have no doubt that the passion and knowledge of sports I built over the years has helped me a great deal in my career so far.

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

I loved sports, but the amount of academic work I had to put in during those main developmental years did not really allow me to put the time or effort needed to make any headway in that area. With academics, I was doing pretty well in school but I did not have the vaguest idea of what career I actually wanted to pursue.

By the time I graduated from college in 2016, I was at a crossroads. I was not able to find a job after leaving school so I started volunteering at the radio station, which I thought would be a good place to put my Mass Communications qualification to use and also bring myself out of my comfort zone and get some practical experience. 

When I started volunteering at the radio station (as hard as it might be to believe this now) I never imagined I would ever turn out to be a sports journalist. I thought this career needed a level of creativity and excitement in writing that I just didn’t have and I considered my voice to be monotone.

However, I was thrown straight into the role a couple months after I started volunteering. The Sports Editor was out ill for about a week and the Station Manager personally asked me to fill in and handle the production of what was (and still is) the biggest and most respected sports newscast on the island. I would say that was the clearest point of inspiration over the past few years – that is when I started believing in myself.

What obstacles, if any, did you face at the start and how did you overcome them?

Self-confidence was one of the biggest obstacles that comes to mind. I never saw myself as a natural writer (and in some ways, I still don’t) or speaker, let alone being able to do it on the national level with tens of thousands of people listening.

One thing I don’t think many people know is that despite doing pretty well in school, I actually didn’t pass English at the CXC CSEC Level. In the years since then, I’ve worked on my writing and speaking a lot and, through my interest in current events and history, I have improved significantly in these areas. But did I think I’d ever be making a living based on my speaking and writing skills? Never.

Again, I think bringing yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the surest ways to grow.

When I feel I don’t have a grasp on something (a skill or anything) that only drives my determination and I think that played a big part in the improvements I made since starting out. I sought out every opportunity to learn that I could, many times going way past the work that was assigned to me in order to get to a level that I could be comfortable with. I certainly didn’t want to drop the standard of the sports production that was there before I came in. As I continued to produce and get comfortable with my own voice, my confidence improved and the entire job felt a lot more natural.

I must mention the support that I received working alongside my Sports Editor, Garvin Richards, and News Editor, Curtis Matthew. I believe support from the experienced heads is a very important development factor for any young person in reaching their potential.

Sharome (right) engaged in photography class alongside fellow Young Reporter, Yao Bernard Adzorgenu of Togo

Tell us about the journey from the first spark of interest to where you are currently.

I would describe my journey as a constant battle with myself to prove that I actually belonged in this field. Being interested is one thing, but I knew I would have to do a lot of reading and research into existing sports media to get an in depth understanding of what the field is about and adapt to it with my own personal touch.

The journey has been tough, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in terms of how I spent my time to be as productive as I’ve tried to be. I have vague memories of when Saturdays and Sundays used to be holiday. I also made investments in my own camera and audio equipment to improve my craft and be able to do more, in areas where I have been weak.

I am satisfied that I have made good progress in the past few years and have gotten recognized for it, but the further I go I just realize how much more there is to do.

What would you consider to be your biggest challenge along the way?

I consider the 2018 International Olympic Committee Young Reporters (IOC YR) Programme to be by far the biggest challenge of my career so far. The programme was started at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games with the aim of providing budding reporters from all across the world with a cross-platform training programme in broadcast and print journalism, social media and photography, and on-the-job experience during the Youth Olympic Games. I was nominated by the Dominica Olympic Committee after Hurricane Maria late in 2017, and after a rigorous selection process by the Pan American Sports Association, I was chosen among four other young reporters from the Americas to represent the continent at the 3rd IOC Young Reporters Programme in Buenos Aires 2018.

When I learned of my selection, I was delighted at the opportunity but at the same time I knew the challenge that was ahead of me since I had never been to an event of the magnitude of the Olympic Games, far less ever travelled overseas by myself or to a place as foreign in culture or language to me as Argentina. I also knew I would be working alongside (and, in a sense, competing against) literally dozens of the best in the world. Period.

To make the most of that chance, I knew I would have to do a huge amount of adaptation, raise the standard of my work a few notches, and keep an open mind to all of the learning opportunities I would have out there both on the technical and human side. Thankfully I believe I did that.

Sharome Burton of Dominica, Winner of the Steve Parry Award for the Most Outstanding Young Reporter at the IOC Young Reporters Programme, Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018.

Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

Definitely, being bestowed with the Steve Parry Award at the end of the 3rd IOC YR Programme stands out for a number of reasons.

I describe those three weeks in Buenos Aires as, by far, the most intense experience of my life thus far. With the amount and quality of work we were expected to produce at an Olympic event, coupled with the completely new atmosphere, cold weather, new concepts, deadlines and the fact that I was not just working just for the IOC, but for my radio station back home at the same time, it really took a lot out of me – much more than I thought it would! I lost 8 pounds during that time, and I almost forgot to have fun.

Reflecting on how far I came personally – from literally not being able to write to pass a high school English exam, to being selected and actually feeling that I belong at that Olympic level – was really heartening.

I believe it was also the first time I have been formally recognized for my work or performance outside of academics, and for it to happen on the world stage was quite an incredible feeling.

I am also especially glad that the committee cited the character – not just the production – I showed during those three weeks in honouring me with this award.

The personal connections I made with my fellow Young Reporters and mentors during that time was also invaluable.

Sharome pictured with the IOC YR class of 2018, featuring the top Young Reporters from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia.

What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?

Given my experience thus far, within the seven-days-a-week, non-stop nature of being a sports journalist, I would say what has kept me motivated has been the impact I believe I can have on the young athletes – their trajectory in the various sport disciplines and even their entire lives. Having not left school too long ago myself, I know the feeling of putting in a performance on the field and waiting to hear your name on the radio at the end of the day, or going to getting interviewed after the event and then telling your parents so that they can tune in to the next sports show or news cycle.

I think these opportunities to speak to the media builds self-esteem in the young athletes and reinforces the good habits that allowed them to put out a noteworthy performance in the first place. It gets them to think about their sport not just in terms of what they see on the field, but to see it from another perspective and articulate those concepts in their own words to a wider audience.

It also obviously gives them more exposure to scouts and coaches looking to recruit them for schools and athlete scholarship programmes, and the possibilities thereafter are endless. How do you describe the feeling when an international scout visits your island to have a look at a local young basketball talent, based on footage he’s seen from your YouTube channel? It is truly amazing.

Seeing the growth and advancement of so many young athletes in just over two years working in the media is right up there with the best feelings I have experienced during this time frame.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish in the near future?

Going forward, I am keeping my options open. Up to this point, I think I have had a great start to my career (one that I never thought I would be in), so I really want to keep on this trajectory and maintain the values and habits that have taken me this far.

In terms of academics, I am looking forward to completing an engineering degree with honours and furthering myself from there.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced your journey?

I believe my Grade Six Primary School Teacher, Albert Tyson, had a big impact on me in terms of the appreciation of knowledge and being well-rounded. He used to have a classroom game called General Knowledge, where we would progress along the head or tail of a line made up of my classmates based on our answers to questions on practically any topic. As trivial as that sounds, it really sparked my interest in learning things outside of what is in a school syllabus.

The teachers at my high school, St. Mary’s Academy also played an important role in my academic formation. They include (but are not limited to) Sylvia Jno. Baptiste (now principal), the late Cuthbert Elwin (former Principal), Christabel Philogene, Rupert Lance and Sherma Burgins – they saw me through a pretty tricky part in my life.

Another was my English Lecturer, Nadine Riviere. Entering her remedial English class was the very first experience I had in college, and it set me on a path for better things. She is also the advisor for the college’s Journalism Club, which I later joined and the experiences there marked a turning point in my life. My Chemistry lecturer, Karlene Richards also set me on the right path in terms of discipline and character.

My father, Oliver Burton had a big influence on my life through his example of discipline, self-sufficiency, willingness to help others and his belief in never stopping to learn.

Also, every single one of my mentors and peers in the IOC YR Programme – there are so many personalities and stories that I fondly remember that will continue to influence me.

Mentors for the IOC YR Programme (left to right): Farhad Shadavaran, Sonali Prasad,Tracey Holmes, Ivan Boyanov, Pallavi Prasad, Sue Graham, Lucia Montanarella, Steve Wilson, and Nick Didlick

What advice do you have for other Caribbean youth aspiring to get involved whether in sports/journalism or other areas?

My advice to any young person would be to never stop adding to your skill-set and embrace getting out of your comfort zone. If I had not taken an interest in sports, if I had not focused on improving my writing, if I had not elected to branch out from sciences to liberal arts, if I had not volunteered for months at the radio station – I wouldn’t be where I am today, benefiting from the opportunities I have.

Your health and fitness plays a part in every aspect of your life. Respect your body – it’s your vehicle to success and the only one you’ll ever have.

Also, always be present. You never know what opportunities you miss by simply not being there.

What’s next for you? What are you looking forward to?

The next major thing ahead of me is the continuation of the IOC Young Reporters Programme – I have been confirmed among the top 15 of the total 35 Young Reporters from Buenos Aires 2018 to report on the 2020 Youth Winter Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland. The IOC has also guaranteed accreditation for all the YR’s to cover the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. So those are some big dates on the calendar for me to prepare for.

More immediately, I am going to start my pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Midwestern State University in Texas this spring.

As taxing as I am sure it will be, I believe I’ll be able to find a balance between sports journalism and engineering. I aim to be the best version of me I can be in both fields, and to inspire the upcoming generation to follow suit in any and all areas they pursue.

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MSC Preziosa Makes Inaugural Call To Dominica


Dominica welcomed its sixth (6th) of nine (9) inaugural cruise calls to the island on Wednesday December 19, 2018.

The MSC Preziosa of MSC Cruises arrived at the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth with a total of 3,959 cruise passengers making the first (1st) of its eight (8) scheduled calls to Dominica for the 2018/2019 cruise season.

To commemorate the ship’s first call, a ceremony which included plaque exchanges were held aboard the ship to welcome the passengers and crew members.

Earlier, a total of 175 cruise calls were projected for the 2018/2019 cruise season which translates into a total of 268,343 cruise passengers.

The article was originally published on Positive Media DM.

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Dominica well on its way to implementing Styrofoam and plastic ban

PS in the Ministry responsible for the Environment, Careen Prevost

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry responsible for the Environment, Careen Prevost, has said Dominica is well on its way to ban the use of Styrofoam and plastic items in the New Year.

The ban is part of the government’s vision of making Dominica the first climate resilient country in the world.

“In the 2018/2019 budget address, the Prime Minister announced that in keeping with our vision to become the world’s first climate resilient country, Dominica will be taking certain measures to protect our environment and keep Dominica clean and green as the nature isle,” she stated. “So, one of these measure would be a ban on importation of plastics that are used in the food service industry as a start with effect from January 1st 2019.”

According to Prevost, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal has been working along with the other partners and stakeholders in the industry and has made recommendations to Cabinet to which Cabinet has approved.

She said some of these recommendations will include a reduction in the duties or application of zero percent duties on biodegradable alternatives to use of plastics in the food service.

“Also an application of 0% duty on reusable shopping bags and that we believe is a step in the right direction which will assist in reducing the cost of the biodegradable alternatives,” Prevost stated.

Meantime, she said the ministry, along with customs and trade, has met with the importers and are currently in the process of meeting with the stakeholders in the food service industry.

“We have a series of community meetings as well, which we will be holding over the next few weeks, along with radio programmes and a public awareness campaign including a social media campaign and all other forms of media,” she revealed.

“But basically what we are trying to do is to work along with the stakeholders, DAIC, DHTA, the Ministry of Commerce, Invest Dominica Authority and all of the partners both in the private and public sector to bring the awareness about the plastic ban and also to ensure that individuals are prepared, they are ready and understand what the alternatives are,” Prevost added.

She said further that the ministry is encouraging everyone to start the process right now, “don’t wait for January…”

This article was originally published on Dominica News Online.

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23 potential candidates for Free Kick Foundation Tryouts

At the Free Kick Foundation (FKF), we realize that the children are our future. However, not all children have a promising future. The passion to assist children with the love for the game of football in achieving their dreams, is what that drives our foundation. FKF seek to provide opportunities for children, where they are limited. Children who are born into unfavorable circumstances, but have a genuine love for the game of football.

On Monday 17th December 2018 Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Football Association, Gerald George reported that a total of 23 players, 13 being male and 10 female were selected as potential candidates for the Free Kick Foundation Tryouts in Antigua during the year 2019.

The male players were selected from five teams the LA Enterprise Bombers, ACS Pottersville/Tarish United, Prommex Harlem, Bath Estate FC and the East Central team.  Whereas, the female players were selected from the Mahaut Soca Strikets, South East, Goodwill Runners and the New Generation team.

The male players includes Marcellus Bonnie, Eustace Phillip, Kassim Peltier, Usher Georger, Zion Emmanuel, Lamar Irish, Javis Humphreys, Lawrence Vidal, Cobin Paul, Elwin Jean-Lui, Starell Seraphine, Jomaiah Timothy and Neilbert Thomas.

The female players are Jeanne Seraphine, Ariel Rogers, Nyisha Joseph, Jodie Joseph, Jada St Jean, Henricka Samuel, Ethleen Lockhart, Naomi Defoe, Leeden Pierre -Louis and Latisha Charles.

The players will contest to be selected in the top five as the top five players will be the ones attending the Free Kick Foundation Tryouts in Antigua next year.

This article was originally published on Dominica Vibes.


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Essay Competition winners awarded


Three students were awarded in the CORP-EFF Insurance Co Ltd, CICL Essay Competition on Monday 17th December, 2018.

The students had to write essays on the topic “How can Dominica and other Islands become more resilient to the negative impacts of climate change?”

General Manager of CORP-EFF Co Ltd Mr. Davis Fritz says the essay competition allowed the students to think of creative ways to be resilient.

First place winner was won by Zinielle Vital of the Convent High School and she was rewarded with a trophy and a cheque of US$1350.00.

Second place was captured by Jeressa Latoya Jeremy of the Dominica State College and received a trophy and a cheque of US$900.00.

Third place was won by Aidan Bruney from the North East Comprehensive School and received trophy and a cheque of US$450.00.

Cheques were also awarded to representatives of the Convent High School, North East Comprehensive School and the Dominica State College.

This article was originally published on Dominica Vibes.


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Melinda Lowe wins with Taste of Dominica

Melinda Lowe receives prize certificate from DDA’s CEO, Mr. Colin Piper

Roseau, Dominica – (December 19, 2018) Melinda Lowe is the grand prize winner of Taste and Win with Taste of Dominica. Ms. Lowe has won a Mas Domnik 2019 Experience for 2 which will include tickets to shows, costumes and spending money. According to CEO/Director of Tourism “It is fitting that the grand prize of this food festival is a Carnival package as CTO has announced 2019 as the year of Festivals. Dominica’s Carnival, Mas Domnik will be the first of three major music Festivals hosted by the nature Isle, Dominica in 2019.”

Taste of Dominica was organized by the Discover Dominica Authority. The activity which ran from Friday October 19 – Friday November 30 showcased the diversity of Dominica’s cuisine and offered an array of options from street food to inspired chef creations, to herbal teas and of course Dominica’s famous bush rums.

40 food establishments in various parts of the island participated. The objective of Taste of Dominica was not only to promote the cuisine of Dominica and get persons to visit as many eating establishments as possible, but also to increase revenue and promote these establishments.  The activity targeted locals as well as visitors. It was an avenue utilized to explore the island and its unique Cuisine offerings.


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Florida Cruise Association brings Santa to Dominican children


On Monday 17th December 2018, two hundred students from the Massacre/Canefield primary school were selected to receive gifts from agents of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) as a part of the FCCA Christmas Holiday Gift Program at the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU).

This Cruise Association composes of nineteen members and represents the various cruise lines that come to the Caribbean.

The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) brought Santa to town through the holiday gift program.

According to a statement made by the Minister of Tourism, Mr Robert Tonge, the purpose of this holiday gift program is to charitably give children gifts during the Christmas season.

For over ten years, 200 or more students in Dominica have been selected to be beneficiaries of this program.

The children extended extreme gratitude towards the agents distributing the gifts and the agents expressed their joy and generosity and the function.


The article was originally published on Dominica Vibes.

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DEXIA hosts ‘Strictly Local Christmas Village’


The Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) is hoping to stimulate the purchase of local, handmade items as gifts for this holiday season as the Agency partners with four representative organisations to stage the Strictly Local Christmas Village, taking place at the Roseau Market from Wednesday December 19th to Friday December 21st 2018.

Members of the Waitukubuli Artist Association, the Dominica Health and Wellness Association, the Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association and the Dominica Manufacturers Association will have various products available for sale at the event.

According to the Organising Committee Chairperson and Export Promotion Officer at DEXIA, Sharon Rolle, the main objective of the Strictly Local Christmas Village is “to sensitise Dominicans on the vast array of goods and services available on the island with a special emphasis on innovation and packaging of gift items.”

Following the passage of Hurricane Maria, where many producers sustained damage to and loss of inventory, this event is an opportunity to let the buying public know that these entrepreneurs from the art and craft, manufacturing and health and wellness sectors are producing again and in fact export ready.

President of the Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association Lissa Vanessa Winston says that the Strictly Local Christmas Village is an opportunity to not only inform the public of what products are available for purchase, but one for vendors themselves to make strategic connections with each other and for the betterment of Dominica.

“The craft persons, for example, can join with health and wellness persons and create a package. If we develop our fellow brothers and sisters, that is the time that we know that we are developing our country as well.”

The Strictly Local Christmas Village is also appealing to tour operators to visit the Roseau Market with tourists, as there will be ships in port on all three days.

In the afternoons, there will be special entertainment from 4pm. On Wednesday, the focus will be on spoken word with poetry, storytelling, kont, and choral speech presentations. Thursday there will be a fashion showcase from local designers showcasing clothing, jewellery and accessories and Friday will be musical expressions with local and traditional music.

Patrons can look forward to dips for products and coupons, a raffle of a gift basket featuring local products, photo opps with Papa Noel and tasty traditional treats like fruit cake, sorrel and ginger beer.

The Christmas Village will be opened from 9am to 6pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 9am-8pm on Friday. It’s absolutely free and all are welcome.

This article was originally published on Dominica News Online.


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Forty complete Building Damage Assessment (BDA) training

Photo credit: UNDP/Zaimis Olmos

Forty persons, including Dominica State College students and lecturers, as well as technical staff from the Ministry of Housing and Lands and Physical Planning Division have completed the BDA 2.0 Pilot Exercise held from December 6th to 9th, 2018 in Roseau, Dominica.

The UNDP, in partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Lands facilitated this four-day exercise which culminated with a Pilot Building Damage Assessment of over 200 buildings in the Newtown community.

The BDA which was originally undertaken following the impact of Hurricane Maria in Dominica, resulted in significant data collected for almost 29,500 buildings on the island between mid- October 2017 and January 2018. Since then, the UNDP has upgraded this corporate toolkit to support national and local authorities in crisis affected countries around the world.  This toolkit will allow authorities to assess residential and non-residential infrastructure and collect timely data to inform decisions and prioritization for risk informed rehabilitation and rebuilding.

The BDA 2.0 toolkit Pilot Exercise included training of potential assessors in the use of the KOBO app to complete assessments in the field and acquire critical information that would be used to implement a nationwide BDA 2.0 expected in the first half of 2019.

Photo credit to UNDP/Zaimis Olmos

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No more styrofoam and plastic material!


On January 1st 2019  the ban on Styrofoam and plastic will be implemented in Dominica.

The Prime Minister Honorable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit made this announcement during the 2018/2019 budget.

He stated that it would enable Dominica to reflect the “Nature Isle” destination.

Continuing the journey in making Dominica the first resilient country in the world the decision was taken by the government to eradicate the importation of non-biodegradable containers and plastic implements used in food service from the 1st of January 2019.

This means that whatever plastic and Styrofoam materials are already in the country will be the last imported. The materials included in this ban will include plastic straws, plastic plates, plastic forks, plastic knives, Styrofoam cups, and Styrofoam containers.

Vibes Radio took to the streets and got the views of a few individuals.

Individuals voiced their opinions of which majority was in favor of the ban with health reasons and environment preservation being their main concerns.

One interviewee stated that she thought the process of eliminating these materials need to be properly planned before it is implemented she also added that steps towards implementation should have already begun.

This article was originally published on Dominica Vibes.


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Carnival Queen contestants officially sashed


Roseau, Dominica – (December 10, 2018) Five young ladies have been officially sashed as contestants for the Miss Dominica Queen Pageant carded for March 1, 2018. They are Brittney Felix of St. Joseph, Aaliyah Martin of Campbell, Chrisline Tavernier of Grandbay, Anick Williams of Goodwill, and Marisol John of Copthall. The Miss Dominica Carnival Queen Contestants were officially sashed during a ceremony at the Prevo Cinemall on December 6, 2018.

The sponsorship of three of the five contestants were also announced during the sashing ceremony. Chrisline Tavernier is Miss Big Edge, EZ Barrel and TCalypso; Marisol John is Miss D-Treads, and Britney Felix is Miss Super Six.

The village launches for the contestants will take place in December. The first queen contestant launch will be that of Anick Williams at Lindo Park in Goodwill from 3 pm on Saturday 15 December 2018. On December 16, 2018, Chrisline Tavernier will be officially launched at the Grandbay Car Wash from 3 pm.

Additional queen contestant village launches will take place on December 26, December 29 and December 30.

For further information, please contact the Dominica Festivals Committee at 767 448 4833. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or watch us on YouTube.

Sponsors of Mas Domnik 2019 are the Government of Dominica, Discover Dominica Authority, Big Edge Financial Express, Dominica National Lotteries an D-Treads Tyres Inc.

About Mas Domnik

Dominica’s Carnival, dubbed Mas Domnik “The Real Mas” is s a pre-Lenten festival which takes place in February or March each year. It is one of the most festive seasons in Dominica with pageantry, calypso shows, street jump ups, village festivals and revelry. Key elements of Mas Domnik include the sensay costumes, Lapeau Kabwit (goat skin) drumming, BwaBwa (stilt walking) and the melodious sounds of Dominica’s indigenous music – cadence and bouyon. Join us for Mas Domnik 2019: January 12 – March 6, 2019.


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0% duty on shopping bags with immediate effect


In keeping with the vision of Dominica to become the World’s first climate resilience nation, the Government of Dominica has taken a decision to ban single use plastics and Styrofoam used in the food service industry. In the 2018 budget address the Prime Minister made the following statement:

“Madam Speaker, Dominica prides itself as the “Nature Isle”. We must in every way deserve and reflect that designation. The issue of solid waste management affects that perception and we continue to grapple with it. …It is acceptable for a country to adopt measures which will help in the preservation of the environment.

Therefore, Madam Speaker, consistent with the Government’s vision to create the world’s first climate resilient nation, our designation as “The Nature Isle” and our commitment to protect Mother Earth, effective 1st January 2019, a number of items considered to be inimical to the environment will be banned.”

In an effort to implement this ban, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal wishes to inform the public that Cabinet has taken decisions to effect the ban on importation of the following non-biodegradable single use plastics: Lids, Cups, Single Use Styrofoam/Plastic Containers, Disposable Plastic Cutlery, and Drinking Straws with effect from January 1, 2019.

Cabinet has also approved the application of 0% duty on the importation of alternative authenticated biodegradable products (Lids, Cups, Single Use Containers, Cutlery, and Drinking Straws) and 0% duty on the importation of reusable shopping bags with immediate effect.

Additionally, a six (6) month phase out period, for the distribution and use of non-biodegradable products imported prior to the ban taking effect, will be in place from January 1 to June 31, 2019. The Ministry of Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal along with other partners will roll out a public awareness campaign which will include public consultations with the private sector and general public, media campaigns, educational sessions, and joint promotions with NGO’s and Private Sector organizations.


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MV TUI Marella Explorer I Inaugural Visit to Dominica

MV Explorer I in Dominica
MV Explorer I docked at the Bayfront Cruise Ship Berth

Dominica welcomed the MV Marella Explorer of TUI Cruises on Thursday December 6, 2018. The vessel arrived at the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth with a total of 2076 cruise passengers.

This was the first of six scheduled calls that the ship will make to Dominica for the 2018/2019 cruise season.

To commemorate the ship’s first call, a ceremony was held aboard the ship at 11:30am to welcome the passengers and crew. A Plaque depicting Dominica’s National Bird, the Sisserou Parrot, was presented to the ships’ captain.

Cultural entertainment was held on the Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Boulevard and at Trafalgar Falls from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Entertainment was provided by the Kalinago Dancers, Phaze Five Steel Pan, Aftermath Band and Bobb and Friends.

A total of 177 cruise calls are projected for the 2018/2019 cruise season. This translates into a total of 268,343 cruise passengers. The call of MV Marella Explorer, marks the fifth out of nine cruise calls to Dominica for the 2018/2019 cruise season.

Senior DDA and Ministry of Tourism officials met the ship’s captain at a short ceremony on board to welcome the ship on its first of 6 calls to the Nature Island.

Photos courtesy of Discover Dominica Authority

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New Date for Jazz ‘n Creole 2019

Breve performing at Jazz n Creole, at Fort Shirley, Cabrits

Roseau, Dominica – (December 6, 2018) Patrons of Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole will have to plan a little earlier for the annual family event as the festival will be held earlier in 2019. Marva Williams, Festivals and Events Manager (Ag) at Discover Dominica Authority says, “In keeping with the mandate to grow the festival and particularly the visiting jazz and music lovers, the DDA set out to find a date that will minimize competition of our target markets, yet still provide a holiday weekend for the many and loyal patrons residing on Dominica. As such, Jazz ‘n Creole 2019 will be a three day event from May 3 – 5, 2019 with the signature mainstage event held on Sunday May 5th, 2019.”

Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole promotes a fusion of jazz and creole music in the scenic atmosphere of Fort Shirley at the Cabrits National Park. Targeted marketing and promotion of the 10th edition of Jazz ‘n Creole will begin during the Carnival celebrations with the overall goal to increase visitor arrivals to the island.

For more information on Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole, contact Discover Dominica Authority at 767 448 2045 or Dominica Festival Committee at 767 448 4833. Or visit Dominica’s official website: www.DiscoverDominica.com, or follow Dominica Fests on Twitter and Facebook, and YouTube.

About Jazz ‘n Creole

Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole, first presented in 2010 is a fusion of jazz music with creole music, food and culture. The family event is held annually at Fort Shirley in the Cabrits National Park during the Pentecost holiday weekend. A number of fringe events organized by private stakeholders precede the main stage event.

Past performers at the festival include Arturo Tappin, Michele Henderson, Marlow Rosado y la Riquena, Ronald Tulle, Alfredo de la Fe, Monty Alexander, Beethva Obas, Eric Ildefonse Quartet, Angelique Kidjo, Cameron Pierre, Heston Francis, Jacques Schwarz-Bart Trio, Xavier Strings. Join us for Jazz ‘n Creole 2019: May 3 – 5, 2019.


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Jorjanna Albert – Dominica’s Representative at Miss Caribbean Talented Teen


Fifteen year old Jorjanna Albert has lived her entire life in the tranquil community of Laudat, the site of the second largest boiling lake in the world, in the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica.

Of the nine subjects this fourth form student studies at the Convent High School, Mathematics is her favourite as it continually challenges her mind. In the future, Jorjanna plans to become an accountant in order to be able to fit into any industry that will help with nation building in Dominica.

Jorjanna enjoys participating in extra-curricular activities through her membership in the CHS Sign Language Club where she holds the office of Vice President. In order to give back to her community, Jorjanna is an active member of the Laudat Youth Group. These organisations help to keep her grounded and puts the needs of others ahead of her own, a belief that she holds firmly in mind as one of the ways that the world can become a better place. After copping the title of Miss Teen Dominica 2018, Jorjanna continued to feed her passion for this cause by using her platform to pay special attention to the necessity of youth empowerment. She also participates in community activities such as visits and and outreach of the elderly and sick at institutions such as the Dominica Infirmary.

Jorjanna Albert

In her spare time, Jorjanna lives in the kitchen, cooking new creations out of everyday ingredients that she plucks from her kitchen cupboards. Her love for cooking is summed up by the wise words of world famous chef Harriet Van Horne – “Cooking is like love – it should be entered into with abandon or not at all”.



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MV Silhouette Makes Inaugural Call To Dominica


The MV Silhouette, part of the Celebrity X Cruises line of ships, made it’s first visit to Dominica today. Senior tourism officials met with the Captain to officially welcome him, his crew and passengers to the Nature Island.

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Youth Speaker calls on young people to get involved in productive things

Lakeyia Joseph delivers her address at the National Independence Rally

Youth Speaker, Lakeyia Joseph has called on young people to get involved in productive things to help develop Dominica.

She made that statement while delivering an address at the National Independence Rally held recently.

This year Dominica celebrates its 40th year of Independence, [Reunion 2018].

“My fellow young people, there is work to be done to continue to develop our beautiful land,” she said. “This is no time to sit around idly singing the same old song that this country has no jobs, there is something for you to do, get involved in something productive, because the future of our beloved land belongs to us, the vibrant, brilliant energetic youth.”

According to Joseph, the youth can play an important role in efforts to combat climate change in youth development, “in rebuilding our country, in charity work and in certainly volunteering.”

She encouraged them to have constructive conversations and to ensure that they get an education.

“Let us ensure that we play even a small part in the development of our blessed country as we celebrate 40 years of Independence,” she stated. “Let’s consider the sufferings and sacrifices of our four-fathers…”

Lakeyia receiving the Queen’s Young Leaders Award (Photo credit: BCA)

She added, “We owe it to those who came before to be just as strong and just as determined.”

Joseph went on to say that in spite of where someone comes from, what their background may have looked like or the challenges they may face in life, that means nothing, “make it happen for yourselves, for your family and for your country.”

She told the young people, do not be afraid to dream and think big.

“Set goals, work to achieve them and make something great of yourselves,” she advised. “Be true to who you are and the goals you have set for yourselves.”

Joseph stressed the need for young people to be respectful.

“Respect all people, respect each other, don’t allow anyone to force you to fit in a box, spread your wings so high and wide that not even the universe can contain you,” she advised. “Never ever give up on yourself, your country, nor those around you.”

She encouraged them to to put God first in everything and to love and support each other.

“Tell your loved ones that you love them, and let them know you care,” she urged her peers.

This article was originally published on Dominica News Online.


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