NAAN Storm Trackers is a team of Dominican volunteers with a collective interest in Tropical Weather systems. They’ve provided three relevant tips for this Hurricane Season:

1. Secure disaster essentials

Get your disaster essentials such as: flashlight, transistor radio, batteries, solar powered lamps, solar powered chargers, first aid kit. Ensure that you have in store the medication needed especially for children and elderly.

2. Stock up on food

Have in stock 4 to 5 days supply of food that does not require cooking or refrigeration. E.g. crackers, cube cheese, canned foods.

3. Stock up on water

Purchase bottled water and store it. Do not wait until you are told that a system is approaching to purchase water. Purchase what you can now. Water will need to be stored in a cool and dry place.

Look out for more tips from NAAN Storm Trackers soon!

Question: what are your main hurricane preparedness tips? Tell us in the comments!

About NAAN Storm Trackers

Storm Trackers NAANWe follow every wave that leaves the African coast and we observe its behavior. Within our own group we discuss expected outcomes and we discuss how we expect these waves to interact with the Sahara Air Layer (SAL). We also look at areas of high pressure and monitor their movement along the ITCZ. 


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