Yasmin Cole, Dominica
Yasmin Cole, one of the directors of Brandy Manor Riding School, was the trainer on Dominica’s team. (Photo source: Sandra Vivas-Guerrero)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Dominica’s Brandy Manor Riding School, directed by Yasmin Cole and Linton Moses, was invited to participate as a form of relief and as a token of fraternal aid to the 30th InterCaribbean Equestrian Jumping Competition in Lamentin, Martinique.

The riding school suffered severe damages and therefore the team had hardly any training before the competition. In spite of this, the Dominica team amazed the Caribbean riders in Martinique with their great riding skills.

The team Dominica was composed by Lena Magloire, Lytleen Julian, Shaydan Laville and Manuela Nassief with Yasmin Cole as their coach. Manuela Nassief and Lena Magloire were in the Pony Category with 75 cm high jumps while Shaydan Laville and Lytleen Julian were in the Espoir Category with 85 cm high jumps.

Manuela Nassief, Dominica
Manuela Nassief secured third place in the Pony Category (with 75 cm high jumps) and shows off her medal proudly! (Photo source: Sandra Vivas-Guerrero)

Shaydan Laville was able to make Dominica proud placing 10th out of 45 riders in her category while Manuela Nassief placed 3rd out of 21 riders. Lytleen Julien and Lena Magloire had great runs, no eliminations nor falls however did not place in the top ten.

Team Dominica wishes to thank everybody who made this possible and wished them well in this great experience.

(Lena Magloire is seen in the header photo. Photo source: InterCaraïbes Concours Saut D’Obstacles)

Manuela Nassief, Dominica
Lytleen Julien. (Photo source: InterCaraïbes Concours Saut D’Obstacles)
Manuela Nassief. (Photo source: InterCaraïbes Concours Saut D’Obstacles)
Sheydan Laville. (Photo source: InterCaraïbes Concours Saut D’Obstacles)
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