The Human Element

Past disasters have shown that the Human Element is the most important component in resuming normal operations.

Employees will be dealing with their own loss of homes, property, and transportation. Prepare for accommodations such as: Vans and carpooling, On-site day care, Flexible scheduling

When a disaster happens, everyone involved feels a great deal of anxiety. If possible during restoration, schedule regular meetings with employees to communicate progress.

Consider providing employee assistance services or engaging a crisis management firm to help employees deal with stress. Realize that everyone handles the emotional issues differently.

Employees may be assigned different tasks, which may be difficult for them to perform. Provide appropriate training, including the proper selection and use of personal protective equipment such as eyewear, gloves and dust masks/respirators for people who are cleaning and restoring operations.

When necessary, use the work done in the planning stages to refocus everyone’s activities so they support the overall business objectives.

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