Aerial Footage of Roseau Immediately after Hurricane Maria

This aerial video was captured uploaded to YouTube just a few days after the passage of Hurricane Maria. You'll get a good look at...

Dominica Post Hurricane Maria Update #2

Roseau, Dominica (November 1, 2017) – In the wake of the passage of Hurricane Maria some six weeks ago, Dominica is continuing its efforts to...

HTS St. Lucia – Report on Dominica after Hurricane Maria

Here's a report from HTS Saint Lucia on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Dominica, our relief, rebuilding and recovery efforts. "A little over three...

Some Advice From A Dominican Refugee

I am hoping this might help those left behind in your decision making because it is SO SO hard to make decisions without information...

Here Comes Hurricane Maria [Video]

Still Waiting on Maria At 1:00 PM on Monday 18 September, 2017, many people had declared themselves 'prepared' for Hurricane Maria, now a Category 3...

Aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Dominica [Video]

"Mystelics Vlogs on moving forward after Hurricane Maria destroyed Portsmouth, Dominica. Rebuilding Dominica will take guts and unity. Hopefully, we can pull it off."

PM Roosevelt Skerrit’s Address to the UN General Assembly 72

You can watch the Prime Minister’s address to the UN General Assembly delivered today, Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. If you do not...
Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One (feature)

Waiting for Hurricane Maria

"At 8:00 AM the center of Hurricane Maria was located near latitude 14.6 North, longitude 59.7 West. Maria is moving toward the west-northwest near...

PM Roosevelt Skerrit Tours Bath Estate in Roseau [Video]

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit toured parts of Bath Estate on Saturday. The clean up has begun but it is a long way from completion. For...

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