Main feature: Waterfall
Difficulty: Easy (but tricky)
Cost to enter: Free

Cathedral Falls, Dominica


A couple days ago, I posted this photo (above) to our Facebook page and none of our readers could figure out where Cathedral Falls was located or how to get there!

So the originator of the photo – Delroy Williams – has provided a simple guided photo tour so that you can get there safely 🙂

Where is Cathedral Falls?

Getting to the location of Cathedral Falls is quite easy… just make your way to Titou Gorge. If you’re setting out from Roseau, the drive to Laudat is approximately 20 minutes long. See the map below:

On Location

Here is Delroy’s take on getting being on location at Laudat and getting to Cathedral Falls:

For those who want to get there, drive into Laudat village at the extreme east of the Roseau Valley. After you drive past the balancing tank (of the hydro electrical supply station) with the “old” geothermal drill test site to the left, you descend via a concrete road about 100 meters. To the left of the road, you will find a shed.

The shed is easy to find, to the right of the concrete road © Delroy Williams

To the left of the shed, you will see a Do Not Trespass Sign in red. This is the commencement of the track to get to Cathedral Falls.

Look out for this sign. The farmer is really welcoming to the general public. This sign is for those who dabble in praedial larceny © Delroy Williams

It’s a short hike (25 minutes for an amateur hiker) but still very tricky, needing good hiking shoes, some rope climbing skills and a small upstream swim in the river. But it is more than worth the effort.

This isn’t the waterfall… just some water dropping over the cliff side while you descend the ravine (wavine) © Delroy Williams
The track is along a small river/creek/stream © Delroy Williams
You have to hike up/swim up this rock/alley way © Delroy Williams
This is me at the waterfalls, during the dry season © Delroy Williams

Summing Up

Delroy was kind enough to share his account with us and I’ll be going up there for sure! But what about you? Will you take the short hike to Cathedral Falls? I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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