Dominicans, Dr. Dale Dangleben and Zenita Lee, have collaborated on a project which resulted in the publication of a book called ‘Once Upon a Time in Dominica,’ which is also accompanied by a coloring book. The book is meant to capture the activities of their childhood in Dominica.

Zenita Lee from Grand Bay
Zenita Lee is hospice nurse and occupational therapist assistant in Florida. (Photo source: Dominica News Online)

Zenita Lee was born and raised in Grand Bay. She spent nineteen years there before migrating to the United States. She attended Wesley High School and became a teacher at the Tete Morne Primary School for two years. She has a firm belief in imparting knowledge on the young minds. Currently, Zenita works as a hospice nurse and occupational therapist assistant in Florida. Her faith in God has been her rock and life.

Dr. Dale Dangleben was born and raised in Pointe Michel where he attended the St. Luke’s Primary SchooI. He then went on to the St Mary’s Academy (SMA) and then Sixth Form College (SIFOCOL). After a few years of teaching at SMA he migrated to the U.S and attended Hunter College in NYC. Subsequently, he went on to medical school at Penn State University College of Medicine. Currently, Dr. Dangleben is the trauma medical director at a trauma center in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Dale Dangleben is the trauma medical director at a trauma center in Pennsylvania. (Photo source: Dominica News Online)

Zenita Lee and Dale Dangleben met while on a medical mission to Dominica two weeks after hurricane Maria. They came down to deliver medical care where needed. The devastation to Dominica was heartbreaking and overall emotionally taxing on both of them. Upon return to the States, they decided to collaborate on this project as they reflected on their childhood growing up in Dominica.

“We did this work for the children of Dominica and the Caribbean as a whole,” the authors said in a statement. “This is meant to remind us of who we are and where we came from. No matter where we go these traditions and culture should always be a part of who and what we are. The world is forever changing before us and that’s ok and its fine to accept and embrace change as long as it’s for the better. However, don’t lose yourself in the journey and forget the roots.

We want the children of the current generation to understand and appreciate the foundation that has been set and should not be lost. The technology around us may have changed but the discipline at the core should not be compromised. Take this trip with Zenita and Dale back in time in the Caribbean to the timeline of their childhood. God Bless Dominica.”

The collection also has a coloring book with educational activities.

Buy the book on Amazon

Buy the coloring book on Amazon


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