Things to do in Dominica: Emerald Pool


Emerald Pool is probably the most popular nature site in Dominica. In fact, on the day I visited and captured the video above and the images below, I saw no fewer than 200 visitors come through the site in less than 3 hours.

Main feature: Waterfall
Difficulty: Easy
Cost to enter: Free for residents | Visitors pay a User Fee (click for more information)


Where is Emerald Pool?

Unfortunately, getting to the Emerald Pool isn’t as simple as driving for 15 or 20 minutes, as it is with Trafalgar Falls. The drive to this popular site is approximately 40 minutes long and takes you through Dominica’s interior.

Located along the way to the east coast village of Castle Bruce, the Emerald Pool is definitely worth the trip.

On Location

The Emerald Pool has a large parking lot (rightfully so) and vending area. There’s also a visitors center with history and information about the area. You’ll also find picnic tables and toilets at this center.

When you leave the visitors center, you’ll need to access the rain forest trail via a short bridge, and make your way to the falls. The walk isn’t strenuous at all, and last for no more than 20 minutes at a decent pace.

There are two paths to the main grotto at the Emerald Pool. The quicker trail keeps to the left and offers a bird’s eye view of the grotto. The slightly longer trail breaks off to the right and offers a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the village of Castle Bruce.

Emerald Pool, Dominica
This is the main grotto at the Emerald Pool. Many visitors bathe. But it’ll be a verrrry cold bath!

The infrastructure throughout the trail is first class… for a rain forest. The paths are clearly marked and most are paved or topped with gravel. Anyone will find this trail easy to complete.

After crossing the last bridge, you’ll come to a large grotto with a 30 foot waterfall plunging into a shallow pool. This is the Emerald Pool!

Summing Up


Next to Trafalgar Falls, this location is the most popular tourist attraction in Dominica, so be certain to choose your times to visit wisely.

If you’ve visiting Dominica on a cruise ship, then it is likely that you’ll experience crowds of tourists and the Emerald Pool and at most of the easy to get to sites. However, if you have more freedom with your time, visit the Emerald Pool during the week, in the morning.

“Easy walk to a very nice waterfall with swimming area”

Easy walk with some stairs on a nice pathway to a great swimming area. You can change in the washrooms up at the welcome area. Make sure when visiting Dominica for more then one day to buy the 7 day park pass. $12.00 USD best value of any attraction or tours that I have experienced. It gets you into all of the National Parks on the Island. (there are a lot of them and well worth it). We rented a car and was easy to get around and did Emerald Pool and Trafalgar Falls in one day and the Boiling Lake the next day.

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