Hundreds of Dominicans are expected to receive free medical care when Chinese Navy Hospital Ship, Ark Peace visits Dominica beginning on Friday, 12th October.

The ship will remain in Dominica till October 19 and up to 600 people are expected to be accommodated beginning on October 13.

A range of services will be offered to the public including; gastroentology general surgery, Gastroenterology, gynecology which deals with the female reproductive system, males and their prostate, respiratory, dental, dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine to name a few.

“Due to the diplomatic relations between the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Government of the People’s Republic of China, we in Dominica we are very happy to host the visit of the Chinese Navy Hospital Ship,” Director of the Primary Healthcare in Dominica, Dr. Laura Esprit said on state-owned DBS Radio. “Approximately 600 persons will be seen per day throughout the days…”

She continued, “There are various partners on this mission, but the ship is primary here with us as a Health Mission, hence the Ministry of Health and Social Services have a very significant role to play, and of course the public is being asked to take advantage.”

According to Dr. Esprit the ship will be able to provide medical services to the public from October 13th to October 17th.

“So even if it is here from the 12th to the 19th there are various activities that will take place,” she stated. “Persons will be able to access those services from Saturday, October 13th through Wednesday, October 17th”

She said visits start from about 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with a break in between for lunch.

Dr. Esprit mentioned that on October 16th the vessel will move from the Cruise Ship Berth in Roseau to the Woodbridge Bay Port in Fond Cole where only public officers will be given the opportunity to access the medical services.

She explained that people will be pre-screened before getting access to the hospital ship.

People will be screened on October 9 and 10.

Dr. Esprit said that more than 60 medical practitioners will be on board the ship and they vary according to their specialty.

Meantime, she stated that simultaneously with the activities that is happening aboard the ship there will be a dispatch of expert medical teams at four (4) pre-selected Health Centres.

“So while this is happening at the Cruise Ship Berth on Sunday, October 14th there will be a team sent to Grandbay, on the 15th a team sent to the Salybia Health Centre, on October 16th to the Laplaine Health Centre and the 17th at the Portsmouth Health Centre,” she explained. “According to the condition if the person cannot come down to Roseau the services will be provided to them at their health facility.”

Ark Peace set sail from Zhoushan, China on June 28 to carry out Mission Harmony – 2018.

Dominica is the 7th stop of the current mission.

This mission is the concrete practice of carrying forward international humanitarianism and disseminating the idea of peace, development, cooperation and win-win as well, which will be conducive to enhance the friendly relationship between China and Dominica and the two peoples as well.

The Chinese navy hospital ship Ark Peace is a large maritime medical platform designed and built in China. She was commissioned in December 2008 with pennant number 866. The ship boasts a length of 178 meters, a beam of 24 meters and an air draught of 35.5 meters.

She is in possession of 8 levels and a full displacement of 14,300 tons. The 4,000㎡ hospital ship is separated into five main areas respectively for casualty transfer, triage, outpatient, inpatient and evacuation.

Over the past 10 years since she was commissioned, Ark Peace has sailed altogether 215,000 nautical miles, visited 38 countries and provided medical services for more than 200,000 people, therefore, she has opened a window for the world to learn about China and is commended as a vivid name card of China in the new era.

This article was originally published on Dominica News Online.

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