Shequanda (left) and Shanese are two of the 750 Dominican students back out to school this week. On Monday October 30th, 2017, 6 weeks after Hurricane Maria swept through the island of Dominica, 20 schools re-opened their doors to welcome back students.
For Shequanda and Shanise, Grade 6 students of Newtown Primary School, the reopening of school has been a welcome respite from their prolonged time at home.

Shanese (President of Newtown Primary School Student Council): I’m happy to be back out to school because at home it’s very boring. I’ve mostly been cleaning up since I’ve been away. I don’t have all of my books; some of them got destroyed; I have some still but at least I’m back at school. Education is important to me. I have a sister who went to this school and got a scholarship and I consider her my role model. In our Student Council we have to try to help children to get back to normal and do school work out.

Shequanda: I miss school because I was with my friends all of the time and doing my school work trying to get a better education. I was cleaning up at home. It’s difficult at home. We don’t have much food but the neighbors help us out and helped us rebuild our roof. This morning my friends and I were talking about the hurricane and what happened to our houses. I was both upset and happy because I was supposed to leave the island to meet my aunty in England (who was going to get me in school there) but I really want to help the students here and if I go to England I won’t be able to help out.

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