Harris Paints Donates $600,000 Worth of Paint to Government of Dominica

Harris Paints, Dominica
Photo source: Dominica News Online

Harris Paint has donated two containers of paint and supplies worth over six hundred thousand EC dollars to assist in the reconstruction process following the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

The supplies were officially handed over at a ceremony held in the Office of the Prime Minister on Tuesday 6 March 2018 where Chief Executive Officer of Harris Paints, Ian Kenyon, stated that the company has had the commitment of giving back to the community.

Harris Paints, Dominica
CEO of Harris Paints. (Photo source: Harris Paints)

“The company that I am so proud to represent, is a company that recognizes the importance of making a profit for sure, but always from the first day it was ever created, and established in Dominica as well, has always made a commitment to give back to the community. And while it is easy to do that when things are going well but it’s much harder to do it when things are tough and your back is against the wall,” Kenyon said.

He noted that after the passage of Hurricane Maria, the company reached out to other countries to make a plea on Dominica’s behalf to assist in the rebuilding process.

“And I made that case for Dominica to the community of seventy seven paint companies and they stepped up. They stepped up in terms of supplying a hundred and sixty plates worth of paint that we supplied already. That alone was worth about a six hundred thousand EC dollars. But then another company from just outside of New York stepped up and said that they want to donate some paint as well. And it wasn’t just some paint, it was the two containers loads of paint,” he noted.

Kenyon said he is proud to be able to give back to Dominica in its time of need, while giving his commitment to continue to assist Dominica.

“We have enjoyed forty years and we look forward to another forty years of giving color and protection to Dominicans. And just to know that through those connections we can support our drive to make Dominica the beautiful country that it is,” Kenyon added.

Meanwhile, Minister responsible for Housing, Reginald Austrie expressed his gratitude to Harris Paints for their donation.

“This gesture is very, very timely and will be put to good use. I will take this time to ask the government and my colleagues to use this as quickly as possible and once we use up this first two containers then we will decide how we want to proceed with more containers. We are happy and we are satisfied with what I am saying will be the first step in assisting the government in meeting its objective of providing decent and affordable housing,” Austrie stated.


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