Jazz ‘n Creole Fringe Events Announced!


Here is the full listing of Jazz ‘n Creole Fringe Events leading up to the main stage event on May 20, 2018 at Fort Shirley! Don’t forget that you can purchase main event tickets at discounted prices of only EC $60.00 at every Fringe Event!

Date Venue and Time Details
May 12 Clara House The Lounge – “Persuasion 2” from 7:00pm Entrance fee: $50. Featuring: Jade Leatham, Jussi Pavaalo, Phaze 5 Band, Earl White, Jessica Riviere, Heidi ‘Violin Chick’ Fabien
May 13 Palm Cottage (Nassief building on Victoria Street) – “Jazz and Vibes” from 12:00pm to 6:00pm Entrance fee: $150. All inclusive food and drinks, featuring: Internationally renowned Sound Wave with Jazzman and DJ Old Skool
May 17 Old Mill Cultural Centre – “DOMFESTA Explosion” from 6:00pm Entrance fee: $15 adults, $10 children. Featuring Ti Orkest, Tasha P, White Fairy, Yakima Cuffy, Monelle Alexis, Delroy Williams, Waitukubuli Dance Theatre, Rebbecca and Ghandi
May 18 Fort Young Hotel – “Jazz on the Boardwalk” from 7:00pm Entrance fee: $20. Featuring: Jussi Pavaalo, C Square
May 18 Tulip Outback Bar & Grill (Picard) – “Jazz on the Grill” from 7:00pm Free event featuring: Breve Combo and DJ Phoenix
May 19 Purple Turtle Beach – “Jazz on the Beach” from 1:00pm Free event featuring: Carlyn XP, First Serenade Band, Dr. Silk and RS Digital
May 21 Le Flambeau Restaurant (Picard) – “BBQ Brunch” from mid-morning NA


Jazz 'n Creole, Fringe Events 2018


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