Major upgrade to Peebles Park part of Tourism Ministry’s short term plans


Project Officer in the Ministry of Tourism and Urban Renewal, Daryl Titre, has revealed that an upgrade to the Peebles Park forms part of the ministry’s short term plan for Roseau.

Titre who on Tuesday 20 March 2018, was a guest on Vibes Radio as part of a panel discussion, said Roseau is one of the leading in the world in terms of green spaces. He added that as the country moves into urbanization, green spaces should form an integral part.

Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism he said is making preparations to upgrade the Peebles Park into an urban green space.

Peebles Park, Dominica
Peeples Park two days after Hurricane Maria, September 20, 2018. (Photo credit: Yuri A. Jones)

This upgrade will see improvements to fencing, the gazebo and the general landscape and they are working alongside the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The upgrade of the Peebles Park should include the upgrade of the Cenotaph area, he said.

Titre noted that landscaping the Peebles Park is one important aspect of the upgrade.

“You’re looking at planting new species of trees, creating sitting spaces, lighting and… better fencing. So it gives the Peebles Park a better feel, so people can go there and relax; not just a place because it has some grass and a few trees…We want to create a more relaxed area in the Peebles Park; not only for the tourists but our locals as well,” Titre explained.

Upgrades to other green spaces within the Roseau area such as the Botanic Gardens, Morne Bruce and Jack’s Walk, also form part of the ministry’s short to long term plans he added.


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