Mother and Son Reunited after Hurricane Maria


I found this video from Channel 4 News about Gina Andrew from Soufriere, who visited Dominica in August and left her 3-year old son to spend time with family. The video tells a story of her coming back home after Hurricane Maria to search for her son and other family members. Thankfully, they were safe, but imagine the trepidation she must have felt during those first few days after the storm… not knowing of their fate.

But, to me, the most poignant part of this video came from the young girl in the first few seconds of the opening clip who said:

“I wish you guys could see how it was before; it was so pretty! We had trees, it was very mountainous and it’s just like we are living in a ghost-town. It’s really scary here…”

Here’s a written introduction from veteran presenter, Jon Snow:

“Hurricane Maria left a swathe of destruction across the Caribbean in September. We followed one British mother as she returned to the tiny island of Dominica to find out what happened to her family and her toddler, who was staying with his grandmother.”


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