The community of Tete Morne celebrates centenarian Felicite Alexander, affectionately known as “Nenen.”

Nenen was born into a family of 10 siblings and she is now the only living one. Her brother, who died after hurricane Maria, lived to 102 years. Most of her other siblings died in their 90s.

Nenen was married but had no children of her own. However, she adopted many children within the community which is a testament to her name, “Nenen”. One of these children in particular, Marquis, was taken under her care ever since he was a little boy and continues to live with her even today.

She worked as a vendor at the Roseau Market. She also sold popcorn, bananas, ice-pops and other snacks at the Tete Morne Primary School. This is one of the reasons why former principals of the school, like Mrs Nathalie Jude, would often times bring school children to visit her. In her younger days, Nenen would walk from Tete Morne to Soufriere to sell her provision, carrying fish with her on her journey back home. She did this for many years.

Nenen is known as a caring and loving woman who never fails to express gratitude and appreciation when she is visited.

On June 15, family, friends and loved ones attended a mass in Nenen’s honour. The celebrations were officiated by Fr. Branker John, Parish Priest of Grand Bay . He spoke of how she taught him to appreciate the Holy Eucharist since she never fails to give God praise for his visits and the opportunity to practice her faith.

Fr. John advised the audience to probe the minds of the elderly, especially those like Nenen, to discover the wealth of information that they posses. He spoke of the medicinal remedies that they used long ago that will become lost to us if we don’t take note.

H. E President Charles Savarin was unable to attend the celebrations. However, he sent his gift and his well wishes to Nenen.

Parliamentary representative for the Grand Bay constituency, Hon. Justina Charles presented this gift, as well as a gift of her own. She stressed on the importance of the elderly within a community and the impact that they have on our lives both directly and indirectly. She encouraged the practice of visiting them and sitting with them to keep them company.

Charles also stated that, like many centenarians before, Nenen will be receiving $500 monthly to assist with taking care of her, as well as free cooking gas.

Nenen continues to be cared for by her caregivers of the Yes We Care program.

Throughout the mass, Nenen’s words remained, “Thank you Jesus”.

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