The following photos were taken between February 22 – 24, 2018 from Morne Prosper to Wotten Waven, as well as Bellevue Chopin to Giraudel.

The two work teams are lead by Mr. Thomas Allan & Mr. Roy Ormond. Volunteers included a Swedish couple and a Canadian family who were part of the Fort Young Hotel’s voluntourism program.

Work on Segment 3 so far has involved sawing and bucking of fallen trees, construction of bypass, creation of foot holds, and brush-cutting with future works to include repairing of trail beds, installation of ropes, and painting of the yellow and blue trail blazes.

Thank you to the trail workers, industry stakeholders and volunteers who have all supported the Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit’s efforts since the passage of the hurricane. Fort Young Hotel has officially adopted Segment 3 of the Waitukubuli National Trail.

Photo source: Waitukubuli National Trail Facebook page


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