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Sagicor Life Inc – Open for Business!


Sagicor Life Inc advises that their office at the corner of Hillsborough and Independence Streets, Roseau is currently open for business Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

Commencing November 1st, hours of operation will be expanded to 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. For enquiries on, or assistance with your insurance policies, the office may be contacted at 440-2562.

Sagicor Life Inc thanks you for your continued business.


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All Segments of the WNT Closed after Hurricane Maria


On September 18, 2017 Dominica was devastated by a catastrophic category 5 Hurricane Maria. The effects of Hurricane Maria resulted in the loss of many lives and complete destruction of several properties. It caused extensive damages to many homes, businesses, livelihoods, government buildings and road networks.

Sadly, our tourism and agriculture sectors have been greatly impacted. Due to the changes in landscape from numerous landslides, fallen trees and damages to our pristine forests, we regret to inform you, our hikers, potential visitors, stakeholders and residents that all 14 segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail are now closed.

We will be working hard to change this and to rebuild our beautiful nature island, and will keep you informed as we progress. Keep us in your thoughts and memories always.

About the Waitukubuli National Trail

It is with great pleasure that the Trail Management Unit of the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division – Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry extends a warm welcome to users of the Waitukubuli National Trail, and visitors to Dominica. We invite you to experience the Caribbean’s first and only long distance walking trail.

The Waitukubuli National Trail is over 115 mi/ 184km & forms a winding corridor through the length of the Nature Island – from Scott’s Head in the south to Capuchin in the north, and back to Cabrits National Parks. Consisting of 14 segments, the trail traverses Dominica’s forest reserves, National Parks such as the Morne Trois Pitons World Heritage Site, several river crossings, historical & eco-sites and connects 32 communities. The trail showcases Dominica’s natural & cultural heritage and is an important product for recreation, hiking, adventure, research, bird watching and many other activities.

The WNT was conceptualized by the Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation and was constructed (2007-2012) by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, in partnership with the Regional Council of Martinique and funded by the European Union.


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NOTICE from the Dominica High Commission

Skerrit at Dominica High Commission

The Dominica High Commission is pleased to announce that the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, will meet with nationals on Friday, 27th October from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The Meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum, 97 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4DN

Nearest tube station: Gloucester Road

Buses to Gloucester Road: 49 74 and 403

Please circulate to family, friends and other nationals.

Thank you.

Janet Charles
Acting High Commissioner

About the Dominica High Commission

The High Commission of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Dominica High Commission is the diplomatic representative of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the United Kingdom and Europe.  It provides a range of consular services to Dominican citizens, people of Dominican descent and potential visitors and investors to Dominica.

The High Commission aims to strengthen its capacity to respond to Government’s priorities in the external sector, emphasising trade, investment, and tourism promotion, as well as external representation and negotiations with international organisations in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Consular hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Dates the High Commission is closed:
All UK bank holidays and the following dates:
• Emancipation Day (first Monday in August)
• Independence Day (3 November)


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Positive Notes from Positive People #28


From day 4 post Hurricane Maria, Karib Bay Beach Bar has been recycled in a school for Mero children.

This week, we have 31 kids from Pre-K to 2nd form trying no to loose wait on their studies.

We make sure to give them a meal before they leave as the aid is still uncertain.

Big up to Karib Bay Beach Bar for the location and preparing lunch everyday.

Big up to the teachers Mrs Douglas and Cynthia.

Big up to the volunteers and moms who stays to help the teachers.


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Forecast for Oct 26, 2017 – Mostly cloudy with some scattered showers

Weather forecast Oct 26, 2017

Weather Outlook for Dominica and the Lesser Antilles

Valid from: 6:00 AM on Thursday, October 26, 2017

An increase in moisture levels will be maintained across the area due to a lingering trough system. This is expected to result in generally cloudy skies, occasional showers and possible isolated thunderstorms during the next 48 hours. Light winds and daytime heating could trigger an increase in shower and thunderstorm activity by afternoon.

Persons in areas prone to flooding, landslides and falling rocks are advised to be vigilant and to exercise caution.

Seas are expected to be moderate in open water with waves peaking near 7 feet. Small craft operators and all users of the sea, particularly on the eastern coast, are advised to exercise some caution.

Synopsis: A trough system is affecting the island.

Forecast for Today and Tonight: Mostly cloudy with some scattered showers and possible isolated thunderstorms

Wind: Easterly to East south easterly @ 10 to 30 km/h with higher gusts near showers

Sea Conditions: Moderate in open water

Waves: 1.5 to 2.0 meters or 5.0 to 7.0 feet.

Warning/Advisory: Small craft operators and sea-bathers should exercise caution

Sunrise: 6:00 AM

Sunset: 5:39 PM

Low Tide: 3:08 AM and 2:13 PM

High Tide: 9:21 AM and 8:25 PM


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Minya’s 7-11 – Open for Business!

Minya's 7-11 Canefield, Dominica

The Management of Miniya’s 7-11 Plus would like to inform the general public that it’s Canefield Supermarket will remain opened until 9:00 PM effective Wednesday October 25th, 2017.

Management of Miniya’s 7-11 Plus takes this opportunity to extend condolences to all who suffered in one way or the other as a result of the passage of Hurricane Maria.


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Tips for Resuming Business Operations After a Disaster (Part 2 of 3)


Returning to the Site and Resuming Operations

Your first priority is protecting your employees. Once the area is stable, secure the building to limit future loss and inspect it thoroughly before anyone reenters.

Validate the structural integrity of the building or facility using Professional Engineers before employees return to the facility.

Employees should have access only to those areas that are well-illuminated and free of debris, water, dust or liquid spills.

Make sure the electrical systems, computers, computer cables
and telecommunications equipment do not expose anyone to the dangers of electricity.

Complete wiring inspections to ensure that all wiring and connections are not in danger due to water damage from rain.

Check water supplies for contamination. Consider that even the slightest contact with contaminated water can lead to illness.

Read more: Part 1 | Part 3

About Finance Focus

Finance Focus serves as a medium to help individuals realize their financial objectives. Advice will be provided on personal finance including budgeting, investment strategies, savings and available financial products. Financial news will also be discussed.


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Tips for Resuming Business Operations After a Disaster (Part 3 of 3)


The Human Element

Past disasters have shown that the Human Element is the most important component in resuming normal operations.

Employees will be dealing with their own loss of homes, property, and transportation. Prepare for accommodations such as: Vans and carpooling, On-site day care, Flexible scheduling

When a disaster happens, everyone involved feels a great deal of anxiety. If possible during restoration, schedule regular meetings with employees to communicate progress.

Consider providing employee assistance services or engaging a crisis management firm to help employees deal with stress. Realize that everyone handles the emotional issues differently.

Employees may be assigned different tasks, which may be difficult for them to perform. Provide appropriate training, including the proper selection and use of personal protective equipment such as eyewear, gloves and dust masks/respirators for people who are cleaning and restoring operations.

When necessary, use the work done in the planning stages to refocus everyone’s activities so they support the overall business objectives.

Read more: Part 1 | Part 2

About Finance Focus

Finance Focus serves as a medium to help individuals realize their financial objectives. Advice will be provided on personal finance including budgeting, investment strategies, savings and available financial products. Financial news will also be discussed.


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Tips for Resuming Business Operations After a Disaster (Part 1 of 3)


With so many businesses resuming operations, I believe it is essential to place focus on some key areas.

A return to normalcy requires collaboration among employees, suppliers, vendors, customers, insurance companies, insurance agents and brokers, government agencies and financial institutions.

COMMUNICATION with ALL stakeholders.

Employees and Customers

Early messages should come from top management to provide reassurance and share restoration plans. Even if none of your operations are affected notify all customers of your availability.

Suppliers and Vendors

Some vendors may be in a similar position trying to restore operations. Request flexibility. They may be willing to establish alternative billing or delivery options. Also ensure they are able to provide required software or machinery.

Government Agencies & Regulatory Agencies

Establish regular communication to obtain approvals for resuming occupancy of the building or to reconstruct the facility. Ensure to contact tax agencies to discuss due dates and deadlines for payment & submission.

Sources of Funding

If applicable, contact your company’s sources of funding for restoration activities, beginning with your insurance advisor or insurance carriers for property, business income/extra expense workers compensation information. Also call your financial institutions to activate any pre-arranged secured line of credit and access any funds set aside for emergencies.

Read more: Part 2 | Part 3

About Finance Focus

Finance Focus serves as a medium to help individuals realize their financial objectives. Advice will be provided on personal finance including budgeting, investment strategies, savings and available financial products. Financial news will also be discussed.


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Western Union – Open for Business!

Western Union, Dominica

Western Union Service resumes Tuesday October 24th, 2017 at the Whitchurch Main Office, Old Street Roseau. Hours of operation are 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Please have a valid Government issued ID (passport/Driver’s Licence/Social Security Card) to receive or send money.”

Source: Whitchurch IGA Management


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Tarp Installation Best Practices – J/P HRO & USAID


I came across this video showing the implementation of best practices when installing tarp covering over damaged houses in a Haitian commune. Could these techniques be used here in Dominica?

Here’s the full article:

USAID Helps Haitian Families Return Home After Hurricane Matthew

After Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti in October 2016, response actors estimated that as many as 35,000 families—approximately 175,000 people—in Grand’Anse and Sud departments whose homes were damaged or destroyed relocated to temporary shelters. USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) responded by distributing emergency shelter supplies, including plastic sheeting and shelter repair kits, to help displaced
households return home quickly.

In Grand’Anse’s Jeremie commune, USAID/OFDA partner J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO) provided USAID/OFDA-procured emergency shelter materials for more than 3,800 families. A key innovation of J/P HRO’s effort was hiring and organizing teams of local carpenters and other construction workers to help families properly affix the shelter materials to their houses, and then hiring technicians to inspect and approve all repairs.

This form of implementation significantly increased the quality and efficiency of shelter assistance. USAID/OFDA Senior Shelter and Settlements Advisor Charles Setchell noted, “J/P HRO did an outstanding job on this project, which is a model for emergency shelter best practice. The organization hired carpenters who live in the same neighborhoods as beneficiaries and understand local culture and building practices.

J/P HRO also trained the carpentry teams to be resourceful and innovative when affixing
plastic sheeting to structures; for example, the teams used locally available materials, such as bits of old tires, bottle caps, and pieces of wood, as washers when commercially-produced plastic washers were in short supply.”

With USAID/OFDA support, nine response organizations in Haiti are providing emergency
shelter assistance to nearly 59,300 households, or approximately 296,000 people, in hurricane-affected communities. This assistance includes a portion of USAID/OFDA-procured plastic sheeting; in total, USAID/OFDA procured 9,100 rolls of plastic sheeting for distribution by humanitarian partners, sufficient to address the emergency shelter needs of
up to 91,000 households.

These emergency shelter activities are also building the foundation for a second phase of
“Build Back Safer” transitional shelter assistance, which intends to ensure durable shelter solutions for more than 6,000 vulnerable families in Haiti.


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Positive Notes from Positive People #27

Relief from Brazil
Bertilia at Universidade Federal de Sergipe in Brazil

Thanks to our students, who are spread far and wide, help and the sentiment of support continue to come from all corners of the world! Here are two examples of relief efforts spearheaded by Dominican students at universities abroad:

“Thanks to the people who donated even when undergrad is on vacation!”

Relief from Brazil
Bertilia at Universidade Federal de Sergipe in Brazil

“Major shout out to The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Maryland College Park.

My P.I and I are both from Dominica, so when Maria hit, they decided that they needed to help. In a matter of just days we managed to gather supplies to send home.”

Relief from Maryland, USA
Yehnara at University of Maryland College Park in the United States
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Vacancy Notice – Bunny’s Cakes N Catering


Bunny’s is seeking to hire the following:

Kitchen Staff


  1. Must have at least two years or more restaurant experience
  2. Must be able to make pastries
  3. Must be hard-working and committed
  4. Must have a pleasant respectful attitude

Salary negotiable.

Cake Baker


  1. Must have a keen interest and love for baking
  2. Must have the ability to learn quickly
  3. Experience in field is an asset

Cake Decorator


  1. A neat disposition
  2. Creative skills such as drawing and coloring
  3. A willingness to learn

Bunny’s employees are expected to be friendly, warm, and good-spirited.

Come to 8 Kings Lane, Roseau to fill out vacancy form, or email narliebertrand87@gmail.com or WhatsApp (767) 225-3333.

Deadline: November 6th 2017.

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Positive Notes from Positive People #26

Maria's Night Out by Shadrach Burton
A new sketch by Shadrach Burton, Maria's Night Out.


The island will be new again
lush forests and skies blue again
nature’s smile will be true again
visitors will come through again
rough days will be few again
soft clay falls but the rocks remain
standing stronger than an ox’s chain
global warming said marry her to climatic change
took a vacay to the island , [email protected] what remains
landscapes battered beaten and stained
landscapes shattered eaten and maimed
jungles scattered weakened and tamed
no one wants to get defeated by rain
no one wants to relive this one again…

By Shadrach Burton


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Positive Notes from Positive People #25

Simon Walsh relief supplies Dominica

Simon Walsh has lived in Dominica for a few decades now, in the southern community of Soufriere. He left a couple weeks ago, but is back now and he’s a part of a significant effort to bring relief items to people of the south. He recently shared this update with is social media friends:

It’s midnight and so ends one of the most intense, exhausting, emotional, hard working, lack of sleep and rewarding experiences of my life. This team has shopped, hauled, dragged, loaded and thrown over 5 tons of specific aid for specific communities.

We have laughed together, a lot, we have cried, we have cursed and shared dangers and joys. Most of us strangers to each other and from different worlds and life experiences.
Yet, for Dominica, We actually pulled this off and people now have food, generators, water and dogs have been delivered food also.

Another midnight departure to St Lucia and we will part ways. Dominica has once again effected the lives of many as she always does. Thanks to Jake Levenson for pulling us together with Shane Gero,Andrew D Thaler,Adam S. Aroesty,Chuck Martinsen and our ground crew of Imogen Scott andBob Cooper. Now for the second trip with just 2 of us and the awesome crew from Dive Dominica.

By Simon Walsh

Simon Walsh relief supplies Dominica
Some of the relief items on the boat, just off Dominica’s coast (on the Bayfront).
Simon Walsh relief supplies Dominica
Simon with his team in Saint Lucia, shopping for relief items.
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Positive Notes from Positive People #24


Say what you want but Dominica have some goodhearted people. Went to the bakery, not surprisingly there is a line, and the lady says there isn’t bread for anyone. So this gentleman got his bread and heading out of the bakery, I’m by the door.

He tells me hello and says, “you might not get bread uno she says there isn’t enough for everyone. He had two parcels of bread. So he says I can sell you one.” Now I only got large money in my purse so I told him he might not have change for that.

He says, “well its OK man just hold that.” He gives me the bread and says, “I know you I will get 5.00 from you anytime.”

There are good people here!!!

Be Cedella Popo


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IFAW Disaster Response Team Deploys to Dominica

Imperial Parrot, Dominica
The Imperial Amazon (Amazona imperialis), also known as the sisserou, is a parrot found only on Dominica.

Washington DC, United States (October 20, 2017) – The island nation of Dominica suffered terribly after hurricane Maria tore through the Caribbean last month. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is sending food, supplies, and an expert team of disaster responders to help the community, their animals, and wildlife.

“It broke my heart to see my home so devastated by this hurricane,” said Kelvin Alie, Executive Vice President at IFAW, who hails from the island. “Dominica was hit so hard, with every community severely impacted by Hurricane Maria. Gaining access to the island has been a challenge and only recently were the lines of communication restored. A number of communities are still without water and electricity.  Thankfully we can now deliver much needed supplies, and put boots on the ground, to help people and their animals.”

The Government of Dominica’s Division of Forestry, Wildlife and National Parks invited IFAW’s disaster responders to bring food and other supplies, as well as perform an in-depth assessment of the needs of community animals and wildlife on the island. IFAW has partnered with Jake Levenson of the Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Organization and Shane Gero of the Dominica Sperm Whale Project, two organizations with extensive ties to the island, to complete this essential mission.

“Dominica is a very special place, with a huge amount of biological diversity,” said Shannon Walajtys, Disaster Response Manager at IFAW. “We’ll be helping dogs, cats, and farm animals, but also determining the best approach to protect the island’s endangered species in the face of such terrible destruction.”

Iconic species such as the imperial amazon parrot and the hawksbill sea turtle make their homes on the island. With trees uprooted and foliage ripped from the forest canopy, birds, lizards, and other wildlife are struggling to survive. Sea turtle nesting grounds have also been disturbed, imperiling the next generation of these endangered animals. IFAW, our partners, and the Government of Dominica are committed to assisting these animals in these extraordinary circumstances.

“The homes and livelihoods of our close friends and colleagues have been destroyed,” said Shane Gero of the Dominica Sperm Whale Project. “The recovery is a long term project but we are determined to be there and assist the individuals and organizations we have worked with so closely over the years.”

About IFAW

Founded in 1969, IFAW rescues and protects animals around the world. With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW rescues individual animals, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats. For more information, visit www.ifaw.org. Follow us on social @IFAWEU and Facebook/IFAW.


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Aerial Footage of Roseau Immediately after Hurricane Maria


This aerial video was captured uploaded to YouTube just a few days after the passage of Hurricane Maria. You’ll get a good look at Roseau and environs – the damage caused by this storm is nothing like we have seen before, and nothing like anyone would have imagined.

Thank you to Alexandre Hayot for sharing this video with the world.


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Mother and Son Reunited after Hurricane Maria


I found this video from Channel 4 News about Gina Andrew from Soufriere, who visited Dominica in August and left her 3-year old son to spend time with family. The video tells a story of her coming back home after Hurricane Maria to search for her son and other family members. Thankfully, they were safe, but imagine the trepidation she must have felt during those first few days after the storm… not knowing of their fate.

But, to me, the most poignant part of this video came from the young girl in the first few seconds of the opening clip who said:

“I wish you guys could see how it was before; it was so pretty! We had trees, it was very mountainous and it’s just like we are living in a ghost-town. It’s really scary here…”

Here’s a written introduction from veteran presenter, Jon Snow:

“Hurricane Maria left a swathe of destruction across the Caribbean in September. We followed one British mother as she returned to the tiny island of Dominica to find out what happened to her family and her toddler, who was staying with his grandmother.”


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Employment Opportunities – IOM

International Organization for Migration

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) would like to advise interested persons of paid positions available with the organisation in Dominica. They are as follows:

Shelter Operation Assistant (4 positions)
Shelter Information Assistant (1 position)
Procurement / Logistics Assistant (1 position)
Engineer (1 position)

Please contact the following persons for more information and to share CV details:

Jacobo Muelas
Tel: 767-245-0652
Email: jmuelas@iom.int

Savitri Seonarine
Tel: 767-245-0655
Email: sseonarine@iom.int


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