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Dominica to St Lucia via Ferry [Video]

Taking the Ferry for the first part of the traveling spree from Dominica to the United States. This part, Part 1, takes us via the ferry service from Dominica to St. Lucia. We've done previous travel journeys before but never one like this where we take land, air and sea to our final destination.  

Dominicans Head to the River after Hurricane Maria [Video]

"Mystelics Vlogs on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which left Dominica without running water. But that's not a problem, since Dominica has over 365 rivers."

Aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Dominica [Video]

"Mystelics Vlogs on moving forward after Hurricane Maria destroyed Portsmouth, Dominica. Rebuilding Dominica will take guts and unity. Hopefully, we can pull it off."

Press Release from Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division

Roseau, Dominica (October 12, 2017) - The Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division would like to inform the General Public that due to the passage of Hurricane Maria on the 18th of September 2017, the biodiversity, watersheds and water catchments of the country have been severely impacted and left extremely vulnerable. In this regard the Division asks that the public should refrain from the...

October 12 – Press Briefing

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit back from his US trip where he liaised with IMF and World Bank officials, announced that he will be addressing the public tomorrow Friday October 13th. The time of the address will be announced later.  Skerrit told members of the local press that he was very satisfied with the outcome of the trip and will...

Positive Notes from Positive People #18

Hurricane Maria, on September 18th and into the early hours of September 19th hit us with winds that extended up to 200mph and caused countrywide destruction and damage. Our country was brought to it's knees and no family was left unscathed by Maria's wrath. In the days following Maria many of us didn't know where to begin. We had to...

October 11 – Press Briefing

Today’s news briefing focused on the work of two Religiously-affiliated organizations in bringing relief efforts to Dominica right now:  ITNAC (Is There Not a Cause) based in Trinidad and Tobago, and the International Association of Scientologists. The speakers outlined the progress made by their respective organizations in assisting recovery after Hurricane Maria.

Positive Notes from Positive People #17

Morning my peeps. The sun still continues to rise and set on our once lovely Dominica. For all the destruction that Maria dealt, I think its still ruggedly beautiful... The fury of Mother Nature... the landscape has been drastically changed and the song "when I in awesome wonder" comes to my mind. The grass at home is ready to be...

NBD’s Hurricane Recovery Relief Offers

Recovery Relief Offers Roseau, Dominica (October 9, 2017) - NBD stands in solidarity with Dominica and we are committed to playing our part in rebuilding. We understand that you may have suffered tremendous loss during Hurricane Maria, and may be burdened with challenges during the recovery process. The Bank is pleased to offer relief in the following ways, to assist you with...

UN says Housing ‘most urgent need’ for hurricane-ravaged Dominica

United Nations in Dominica
Three weeks since category 5 Hurricane Maria ripped through Dominica, the scope of the damage remains daunting, with islanders in dire need of water, electricity, food and supplies, the United Nations migration agency reported on Tuesday as it continued to carry out an array of activities as part of the response. Noting that an estimated 23 per cent of the...

TRAVEL ADVISORY – LIAT flights to Dominica

Roseau, Dominica (October 9, 2017) - LIAT will operate a limited commercial schedule to the Douglas Charles Airport until November 7th, 2017. The airline is working to normalize its operations into the Commonwealth of Dominica. Please note the schedule, valid until November 7th: Day Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday   Antigua to Dominica Barbados to Dominica Flight Number LI 623 LI 600 Departure Time 11:30 AM 10:00 AM Arrival Time 12:10 PM 11:00 AM     Dominica...

‘Park & Ride’ Instituted in Dominica’s Capital

Park and Ride feature
From Tuesday 10th October to Friday 13th October no vehicular access will be allowed in the City of Roseau from 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Free shuttle services will be available from the following checkpoints: North Checkpoint: Near Auto Trade... Individuals are advised to park in the vicinity of Canefield playing field. Shuttle service will take you to the Goodwill Link Road. South Checkpoint:...

Press Release – Digicel Service Expanding Across Dominica

Roseau, Dominica (Monday, October 9, 2017) – More people in more places across Dominica are back on the Digicel network following ‘round-the-clock work to restore mobile service since the passage of Hurricane Maria. Customers in Scotts Head, Soufriere and sections of Gallion are among the most recent to once again receive voice and data signals to their devices – enabling them to connect...

Providing Clean Water – IsraAID

Clean water IsraAID, Dominica
"The patient in the ER asked for some water to drink; the nurse apologized and said that unfortunately, there isn't any..." IsraAID's volunteer nurse practitioner, Tammy Schecter Dolgin, is deployed at the Princess Margaret hospital in Dominica. She is working in the ER ward, as part of our Emergency Response team, supporting the hospital staff who have been working day and...

UPDATED: Ferry Schedule from Dominica

L'Express des Iles, Dominica
Friends, please take note of the following L’Express Des Iles schedule: Date Destination Departure Monday 9th October Martinique / Saint Lucia 10:30 AM Tuesday 10th October Guadeloupe 11:30 AM Wednesday 11th October Martinique / Saint Lucia 10:30 AM Thursday 12th October Guadeloupe 11:30 AM Friday 13th October Martinique / Saint Lucia 10:30 AM Saturday 14th October Guadeloupe 9:15 AM Saturday 14th October Martinique / Saint Lucia 3:00 PM Sunday 15th October Guadeloupe 11:30 AM  

Positive Notes from Positive People #16

From our inbox from Stacy Lusty: Hello, I did this colouring to raise awareness in the UK of what is going on out there and for my grandfather who is still missing. I thought you might like to know that you're all in our thoughts. I made the parrot as vibrant as I can surrounded by the colours of your country,...

Positive Notes from Positive People #15

Heartless Maria, Hector John
Heartless Maria By Hector “Spags” John Maria decided to go island hopping and in Dominica first she decided to pop in We all knew that she was coming in a hurry But never expected her merciless fury She placed herself over Dominica And from there it was licks like fire Wind and rain from every direction Running to safety was out of the question I don't know who vex...

Positive Notes from Positive People #14

When you reach ZERO in a few hours you start to look for the POSITIVE in every little thing to keep you going. When you reach a landslide in the road you climb over or around it to get to the other side. Little things like Sukies and Foxy baking bread again makes you excited. When ONE POT Jason Jno Baptiste starts serving COLD...

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