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Ivy Raff [PRAG Dominica]

Ivy Raff in Dominica
Ivy Raff in the Valley of Desolation, Dominica (Photo source: PRAG Dominica)

“I could (shoot, I might just) write a novel counting the ways I love little Dominica. It has the most breathtaking natural scenery in the Western Hemisphere, a hiker’s paradise. I was born in America, but my background is Russian.

Russians are absolutely obsessed with spa culture and hot baths, and the fact that Dominica has mineral pools and healing mud that are 100% natural is a gift from God!

But the best thing about Dominica is Dominicans. They love their country so much that they are dedicated to its safety.

To be a woman traveling alone, and able to hitchhike worry free in a truck carrying two dudes you’ve never seen before and four machetes – it’s an indescribable relief.

On Friday nights, a Roseau I-tal restaurant hosts an open mic night where you can kick back, sip your herbal tea, and listen to truly world-class talent spitting reggae/hip hop fusion.

For no cover. Where else can you find that?!”

By Ivy Raff, Dominica 2014 (She promised to return)


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