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Positive Notes from Positive People #25

Simon Walsh relief supplies Dominica
Simon Walsh has lived in Dominica for a few decades now, in the southern community of Soufriere. He left a couple weeks ago, but is back now and he's a part of a significant effort to bring relief items to people of the south. He recently shared this update with is social media friends: It’s midnight and so ends one...

Positive Notes from Positive People #24

Say what you want but Dominica have some goodhearted people. Went to the bakery, not surprisingly there is a line, and the lady says there isn't bread for anyone. So this gentleman got his bread and heading out of the bakery, I'm by the door. He tells me hello and says, "you might not get bread uno she says there...

Aerial Footage of Roseau Immediately after Hurricane Maria

This aerial video was captured uploaded to YouTube just a few days after the passage of Hurricane Maria. You'll get a good look at Roseau and environs - the damage caused by this storm is nothing like we have seen before, and nothing like anyone would have imagined. Thank you to Alexandre Hayot for sharing this video with the world.  

Mother and Son Reunited after Hurricane Maria

I found this video from Channel 4 News about Gina Andrew from Soufriere, who visited Dominica in August and left her 3-year old son to spend time with family. The video tells a story of her coming back home after Hurricane Maria to search for her son and other family members. Thankfully, they were safe, but imagine the trepidation...

Employment Opportunities – IOM

International Organization for Migration
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) would like to advise interested persons of paid positions available with the organisation in Dominica. They are as follows: Shelter Operation Assistant (4 positions) Shelter Information Assistant (1 position) Procurement / Logistics Assistant (1 position) Engineer (1 position) Please contact the following persons for more information and to share CV details: Jacobo Muelas Tel: 767-245-0652 Email: [email protected] Savitri Seonarine Tel: 767-245-0655 Email: [email protected]  

Positive Notes from Positive People #23

Fort Young Hotel heroes
I found this entire post on a LinkedIn page, shared by Alessandro Legrottaglie, a country manager at the World Bank Group. His wife thanks these three young men you helped numerous guests of the Fort Young Hotel, who might have otherwise been trapped and hurt as the roofs of their rooms lifted off during the storm. Kudos to these everyday heroes! I...

[VIDEO] One Month On – Digicel

One month on, buildings are being repaired, customers connected, power is being restored, streets are being cleared... no matter the pace we're pressing on.

Refund of World Creole Music Festival Tickets

Roseau, Dominica (October 18, 2017) – Persons who purchased tickets for the 2017 edition of the World Creole Music Festival may be eligible for a refund. Persons with valid tickets and receipts from online ticket purchase should present them at the office of the Dominica Festivals Committee from October 23 – 31, 2017. A valid ID must also be presented....

Positive Notes from Positive People #22

Our Dominica, battered but still breathing. Second by second, minute by minute... day by day, we rise. #Dominicastrong By Digicel Dominica  

Positive Notes from Positive People #21

Approximately 12:30 PM on October 17th 2017, almost one month after Wicked Maria hit... this is Cork Street, Roseau. Some commerce is taking place. Traffic is coming back. People are buying pizza and doing groceries, going to the credit unions and banks. Davo's is open, Depex is open. Places are opening one by one. We still badly damaged... we are...

Hurricane-hit Dominica holds fast, for now – IRIN

IRIN is an independent news reporting agency that regularly features stories from the front lines of crises to inspire and produce a more effective humanitarian response. In response to the significant increase in the number of people impacted by humanitarian crises, IRIN continues to publish relevant stories about climate change, population growth, volatile markets, water scarcity, sectarianism and violence. In the...

Positive Notes from Positive People #20

So I was just a little tired of canned food, and unable to venture to any area where I could buy some fresh meat or fish due to the flooded river, when all of a sudden I heard shouts of "titiwi titiwi!!" I ran outside with my bowl and lo and behold, nice, fresh titiwi was being sold right down...

Positive Notes from Positive People #19

Cuba is sending over 300 tonnes of relief supplies to Dominica, I can't even explain how amazing that is! And two teams of electrical personnel to help DOMLEC restore electricity. Dominica is a very unknown island but lots of my classmates and professors have expressed their sympathy over what happened following hurricane Maria. Cuba has its moments but overall it's a...

Oct 16 – A Flood Warning is in Effect for Dominica

A flood warning is in effect for Dominica from 8am. Issued by The Dominica Meteorological Service Monday 16th October, 2017. A trough system will continue to generate pockets of moderate to heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms across portions of the Lesser Antilles, including Dominica, during the next 24 hours. Fluctuations in the intensity of the showers, scattered thunderstorms along with occasional gusty...

Thank You to the Caribbean Students of MSU

What a blessing it is to see our Caribbean students giving back. The Caribbean Student Organization at Midwestern State University (MSU) filled a 40 foott container with general relief and personal relief for families of students. Shipping was free of charge to the students because alumni of the organization raised the funds for the container and shipping. Kudos to these students...

Notice from Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation

Garbage collection Dominica
The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation would like to advise the general public that effective Monday 16th October 2017, the scheduled days for waste collection in Roseau and Environs are as follows: Monday Potterville, Roseau, Massacre, Fond Cole, Stock Farm, Yampiece, Tarish Pit. Tuesday Bath Estate, Elmshall, Silver Lake, Mahaut, Jimmit, Newtown, Fortune, Pointe Mitchel, Loubiere. Wednesday St Joseph, Layou, Castle Comfort, Wall House, Giraudel,...

Rebuilding homes – IsraAID

Ms Bibi IsraAID, Dominica
Ms. Bibi has been living in the Church shelter in San Sauveur, for the past four weeks, since Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean island of Dominica. Her husband, Mr. Albert, suffered from a stroke a few years ago. Ms. Bibi and Mr. Albert lost the roof to their house during the storm, and the continuous rain in recent weeks...

New Curfew Area Limits in Dominica

The mandatory curfew has been lifted for some parts of the island, and the change will take effect after a national security assessment was conducted by the Chief of Police. While Roseau and some of its immediate environs were still not at the stage where it was deemed advisable to lift the curfew provisions, the town of Portsmouth and elsewhere...

Severe Humanitarian Consequences – UNICEF

Jacey Anselm hugs her pet Sassy close to her. Sassy was always precious, but since Hurricane Maria tore their home apart more 2 weeks ago, the nine-year-old Dominica girl and her mum, Celine Fingall, have precious else left. “It’s about starting back. We have nothing now,” Celine says, as she points to the still rain-soaked furniture, clothes and other possessions...

HTS St. Lucia – Report on Dominica after Hurricane Maria

Here's a report from HTS Saint Lucia on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Dominica, our relief, rebuilding and recovery efforts. "A little over three weeks after Dominica was hit by the full-force of category 5 Hurricane Maria, the country is preparing for a shift from relief to recovery. A major part of that process involves bringing food and housing supplies...

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