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[VIDEO] Trafalgar Falls, Six Month after Maria


Situated east of the picturesque village of Trafalgar is one of Dominica’s most popular natural attractions: the Trafalgar Falls. A 10-minute walk will take the visitor to a viewing platform for a panoramic view of twin waterfalls which plunge about 125 ft and 75 ft respectively. A major rockslide in September 1995 buried the once popular hot springs and pools at the base of the waterfall to the left.

The once taller waterfall, i.e. the one to the left, is popularly referred to as the “Papa Falls” and the shorter, but stronger one is affectionately called the “Mama Falls”; they are both on tributaries of the Roseau River. The “Breakfast” River that hikers cross en route to Boiling Lake is one of those tributaries, and it tumbles into the shorter waterfall. The water that leaves the Freshwater Lake area flows through Ti-Tou Gorge before cascading in the Papa Falls.

As you walk the trail, note the orange coloration in the small spring that flows across the trail. This is caused by iron compounds in the clay and not by sulphur. Sometimes the water may be slightly warm, and this is further evidence of Dominica’s volcanic origin. The stream coming from the hot springs at the base of the Papa Falls is much warmer.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Urban Renewal


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[VIDEO] Ti Kwen Glo Cho, Six Months After Maria


The name ‘Ti Kwen Glo Cho’ is Creole for ‘Little Corner of Hot Water’

Nestled in the beautiful and mountainous village of Wotten Waven, in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Ti Kwen Glo is a place of peace, tranquility and, of course, hot water.

Our hot water pools and tubs are filled with mineral rich sulphur waters that arises naturally from beneath the Earth. This water has been used for generations to soothe and relax the body, treat aching muscles, arthritic pain and even skin complaints.

The hot water (and it can get very hot and times) is mixed with the fresh cold water from the Kabwit waterfall on the property. Several natural cold showers are available near our pools to compliment your hot water soak and provide a rejuvenating hydrotherapy treatment.

Source: www.tikwenglocho.com

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[VIDEO] Middleham Falls, Six Months After Maria


The Middleham Trail was built by the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division through a 950-acre tract of tropical rain forest that was donated by John D. Archbold to the Government of Dominica, through The Nature Conservancy.

The trail is located in the north-west portion of Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and its main access points are from Providence Estate near the Laudat Road or from Cockrane village.

Starting from the parking lot at the Information Centre at Providence, the trail first crosses the Providence River. It then passes a few cultivations and a massive Maho Kochon tree, before entering the rain forest that is dominated by Gomyé (Dacryodes excelsa) and Chatannyé (Sloanea spp) trees. The Trail also takes you past some fine specimens of Yanga Palm (endemic to the Lesser Antilles) and a set of directional signs, before branching off to the left to one of Dominica’s tallest waterfalls, the Middleham Falls.

A section of Segment 4 of the Waitukubili National Trail traverses the Middleham area.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Urban Renewal

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Create Caribbean Hosts “All The Way Up” Workshop

Students listening to a presentation by Dr. Esprit

Create Caribbean held its second ‘All The Way Up’ workshop at Convent High School focusing on the options, steps and challenges of moving up to higher education.

The program included various activities which encouraged students to visualize their futures and reflect on their goals, opportunities and challenges. Following this, Dr. Schuyler K. Esprit addressed relevant issues in a presentation to the students.

All photos credited to Create Caribbean.

About Create Caribbean

Create Caribbean Inc. aims to provide educational and training opportunities to secondary and tertiary level students by combining liberal arts learning with digital technology. We work to develop the creative capacity of youth in Dominica and the Eastern Caribbean through a focus on arts, humanities and social science education and research. Our goal is to increase outreach and community participation in the preservation and dissemination of Caribbean history, heritage and other areas of research significance.


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Highly Regarded Author Pens Short-Story about Dominica


From Joanne Owen:

Thrilled to share these photos of my contributions to the latest SCOOP Magazine which is a special celebration around International Women’s Day. Really proud to have written a short story, Evelyn’s Island, about a girl who finds new hope following the destruction in Dominica following Hurricane Maria. The fee for the story will be given to two fabulous charities, one of which is Help for Dominica.

From Help for Dominica:

Thanks to Joanne Owen Books first for writing this wonderful, and emotional, short story about a girl who finds new hope following the destruction in Dominica following Hurricane Maria. And also for her generosity in donating part of her fees to our charity project. We are very grateful. Copies of the magazine will be sent in our next shipment for some of the schools to read and keep in their libraries.

About Joanne Owen:

Joanne Owen is a British author, born in Neyland, Pembrokeshire, Wales. She studied Anthropology, Archaeology and Social Sciences at St. John’s College, Cambridge and is the author of several acclaimed books for children and young adults. Joanne is currently researching a novel that is largely inspired by Dominica.


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[PHOTOS] Clearing Segment 11 with Tamarind Tree Hotel

Segment 11, Dominica

The end of another wet, muddy, hot, hardworking and fun work week!

Our team of staff, guests, local volunteers and even our driver Matthew continue to work hard to restore and clear Segment 11.

We thank everyone who supports, helps and cheers us on.

Tamarind Tree Hotel has officially adopted Segment 11 of the Waitukubuli National Trail and are offering Voluntourism packages where guests can vacation in Dominica but also lend a hand by clearing trails and other tasks.


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[VIDEO] How to Peel a Coconut like a Kalinago

Segment 6

What a pleasure to have local Kalinago resident peel us a coconut using this traditional method, while visiting Segment 6 with the Grenadian volunteers from St. George's University!

Posted by Waitukubuli National Trail on Thursday, March 8, 2018

What a pleasure to have local Kalinago resident peel us a coconut using this traditional method, while visiting Segment 6 with the Grenadian volunteers from St. George’s University!

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Karina LeBlanc Visits St Luke’s Primary School – UNICEF

Karina Leblanc 2

Back at school and settled into their temporary accommodation, students at the St Luke’s Primary School in Dominica welcomed a special visitor this week when UNICEF ambassador Karina LeBlanc paid a visit to their school.

St Luke’s was one of several schools and community centres which the 2002 Olympic bronze medalist visited as she toured her native Dominica to see the progress of recovery efforts in the six months since the powerful Hurricane Maria left a trail of destruction in the mountainous country.

The former captain of Canada’s women’s football team, who grew up in Dominica till the age of 8, left a powerful message with all the students she met as she urged them to set goals and constantly strive to meet them regardless of their background.

Karina Leblanc, Dominica

Source of text and photo: UNICEF Eastern Caribbean


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[VIDEO] Dominica Three Months After Hurricane Maria – UNICEF


Today, December 18th, 2017, marks exactly 3 months since Hurricane Maria made her unwelcome appearance in Dominica. With over 70,000 affected and 90% of the buildings on the island damaged or destroyed, Maria’s impact has been significant.

In spite of the widespread damage that Maria brought to Dominica, the progress in the journey to rebuild has been quicker than anticipated – a testament of the strength, resilience and patriotism of the people of Dominica.

UNICEF Eastern Caribbean has been dedicated to assisting Dominica in both its short and long term recovery efforts, providing life-saving clean drinking water and essential relief supplies, instituting a psychological support program for children called #ReturnToHappiness and, more recently, implementing an emergency cash transfer program to support the needs of the most vulnerable children, with the specific aim of contributing to access to food.


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[VIDEO] Six Months after Hurricane Maria


A quick mix of drone shots showing progress of recovery after Hurricane Maria – a monster which had maximum winds up to 240 miles/hr.

Different parts of island come back in different speeds. Unusual attack of vines looks interesting but strangles many trees. Some trees are doing well and bloom, while in other parts, they have hard time to awake.

This clip is more about nature recovery than about people. Hope you enjoy.

By Derek Galon


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[VIDEO] How we passed Hurricane Maria in Dominica – Cristóbal Matte

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Positive Notes from Positive People #39


Stefan and I spent 2 Sundays so far picking up garbage (mostly plastic and styrofoam) from our beloved Champagne beach. Despite our efforts, we have made a mere dent in the amount of pollution seen at one of our key tourism sites.

How can we be a Climate Resilient nation when Dominicans cannot understand the basic concept of not littering let alone carbon neutrality, clean energy or even climate change. We are quick to pass the blame of climate change to larger countries and ignore our own wrongdoings.

If you disagree with me, prove to me that there are more than a handful of us who truly care about our environment. Clean up a beach, replant our native trees, support our wildlife through their struggles and recovery, and stop burning plastic!

We can’t expect others to help us and to move forward if we can’t even help ourselves #LeveDominik

Photos and Text by Jeanelle Brisbane

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[PHOTOS] Ongoing Works at WNT’s Segment 3


The following photos were taken between February 22 – 24, 2018 from Morne Prosper to Wotten Waven, as well as Bellevue Chopin to Giraudel.

The two work teams are lead by Mr. Thomas Allan & Mr. Roy Ormond. Volunteers included a Swedish couple and a Canadian family who were part of the Fort Young Hotel’s voluntourism program.

Work on Segment 3 so far has involved sawing and bucking of fallen trees, construction of bypass, creation of foot holds, and brush-cutting with future works to include repairing of trail beds, installation of ropes, and painting of the yellow and blue trail blazes.

Thank you to the trail workers, industry stakeholders and volunteers who have all supported the Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit’s efforts since the passage of the hurricane. Fort Young Hotel has officially adopted Segment 3 of the Waitukubuli National Trail.

Photo source: Waitukubuli National Trail Facebook page


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[VIDEO] Rare Whales Filmed Professionally for the First Time Ever… in Dominica

Gervais' Beaked Whales

This mysterious whale is so elusive that it wasn’t seen alive in the wild until 1998. Gervais’ beaked whales live in the waters of the central and north Atlantic Ocean.

Sometimes confused with the 21 other species of beaked whales, Gervais’ beaked whales are difficult to study. Weighing about 2,640 pounds, the whales can grow up to 17 feet long. Living an estimated 27 years, they eat squid, shrimpand small fish.

Since information on the species is scarce, it’s possible they are threatened by a number of factors. These include being caught as by-catch, noise pollution, and climate change.

Here’s an excerpt from the National Geographic article:

“Gervais’ beaked whales are easily one of the most elusive mammals to swim through our oceans. Most of the information we have about them comes from studies of corpses that have washed ashore, and the first live whale was only spotted about 20 years ago.

On February 27, photographer and videographer Patrick Dykstra captured what may be the first drone or aerial footage of Gervais’ beaked whales. He was filming about three miles off the west coast of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea. Dykstra and his Picture Adventure Expeditions team accidentally came across the rare beaked whales when they were filming sperm whales for an upcoming production.”


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[PHOTOS] St. George’s University Visit to Dominica post-Maria


In early January 2018, Grenadian volunteers comprising of lecturers and students from the St. George’s University’s Marine and Wildlife Department were honored to help in the rehabilitation of our forests and wildlife following the devastation caused by hurricane Maria.

The group was able to conduct visual and quantitative surveys of various forest reserves and also assess the status of the endemic Dominican parrots; the Sisserou parrot (Amazona imperalis) and the red-necked amazon (Amazona arausiaca).

“The widespread destruction seen on the ground was quite sobering but the ‘spirit’ and motivation of the people we met and had the opportunity to work with gave us the assurance that Dominica and its natural resources are in good hands. Already the forest is showing good signs of natural regrowth! Dominica will rebound! Thank you for making this mission a success.” – Group member

To the St. George’s University – Grenada, the Grenadian people, Dr. Andrea Easter-Pilcher, Leon Radix and all who made this trip possible – thank you for coming to Dominica to volunteer your time and experience!

Photo source: Waitukubuli National Trail Facebook page


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A Few Notable Dominican Women on Int’l Women’s Day


Today is recognized as International Women’s Day around the world and there’s a renewed call to so celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

At Embrace Dominica, we decided to feature a few local women of note. However, instead of the usual suspects such as Ophelia, Dame Eugenia Charles, Dr. Carissa Etienne and other women of that ilk, we will feature a group of younger women in non-traditional fields of work or male-dominated industries.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. So if you know someone who qualifies for this grouping, please send us an email or leave a comment below!

UPDATE: I have received new submissions and added them here. Many thanks to Kerdisha, Taisha, Rianna, Delroy and Terri-Anne!

1Leanne Morancie

Leanne Morancie is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Communications at the University of the Virgin Islands. She is a pageant industry veteran and has participated in many roles: as a coordinator, emcee and contestant. Her pageant history includes titles earned in various state, national and international pageants such as 2015 Miss Caribbean Houston (1st Runner Up), Miss Dominica Caribbean United States 2016 and Miss Legacy International 2017. Leanne’s volunteerism and community involvement are also well documented in her efforts at the Boys and Girls Club of the Virgin Islands, the International Festival, the Star of Hope Homeless Shelters, the Golden Key International Honor Society, the Caribbean American Heritage Foundation of Texas and various elementary schools within the region. Visit her Facebook page and say hi!

2Chanté Joseph

Chanté Joseph is a third-year student at the University of Bristol studying Social Policy with Quantitative Research Methods. Most recently she was named one of the top 10 black students in the UK, one of Bristol’s 24 most influential people under 24 and the 11th most influential female student in the UK. At her university she is the Chair of Bristol Labour students, the Black and Minority Ethnic Students officer and runs a black students media hub called Bristol is the New Black that seeks to give black students the space and skills to tell their own stories. In addition to this she is the editor and curator of Bristol’s first ever BME Powerlist. She also writes for Gal-dem, Crack Magazine and other publications, is regularly interviewed on BBC Radio and BBC News about her work and activism and spent her summer break interning for Google.

3Tsehai Grell

Tsehai Grell graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with highest honors. She obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry in 2018 from the Department of Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT). In addition to performing research, Tsehai is an active member of the MIT community and has served in leadership positions in a number of student organizations, including the Black Graduate Student Associations and Academy for Courageous Minorities in Engineering. Tsehai has also served as a guest lecturer for high school students during the Koch Summer Science program and as a mentor to undergraduate students as a Program Assistant in the MIT Summer Research Program. Uniting the themes of diversity and mentorship, Tsehai volunteers with a non-profit organization, i-Trek, to provide non-traditional research experiences to underserved and underrepresented populations.

4Leandra Lander

Leandra Lander is the head of the Geography Department at Convent High School by day, and an Arts and Cultural ambassador by night and day! It is genuinely difficult to keep up with her activities, but I’ll try… Leandra is a successful pageant title holder in the Miss Dominica Pageant, Miss Jaycees, Miss Carival, Miss Caribbean Culture pageants in the year 2007; she is director and composer for cultural group Vwa Dou; Leandra leads the Convent High School Speech Chorale, Choir and Sign Language Club and has co-written and directed productions done by these groups; she is one of the longest serving members of the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers and has held various leadership positions within the organization. In her spare time, Leandra takes on Masters of Ceremony roles at various national events, and most recently, she has began to produce and host a weekly educational radio program called ‘Chalk & Chatter’.

5Ferdina Frampton

With over 25 years’ experience in the Field of Broadcast media, Ferdina Frampton was able to land a major role at Dominica’s leading telecommunications provider Cable & Wireless (Flow) where she leads the Marketing and Corporate Communications department of the company. As a former reporter at the Chronicle Newspaper, radio announcer and news presenter at the Voice of the Islands radio; senior producer, news reporter and presenter, and announcer at the Dominica Broadcasting Station, it’s safe to say that she is a stalwart of women in Media. A former Miss Dominica 2nd runner-up, Miss Amity & Miss Intelligence, Ferdina went on to create the Miss Pleasantly Plump and Beautiful pageant highlighting fuller figured women. She’s a former coordinator of judges for the Dominica Calypso Associations’ calypso competitions; a job she performed for close to 15 years. She also volunteers in judging pageants across the length and breadth of Dominica including the selection of contestants for the Miss Dominica Pageant. Ferdina has been blessed with a natural innate talent for media and she enjoys using this talent to unearth the inspiring stories of Dominicans through the hosting of the IN the SPOTLIGHT Radio show,  a program  held every Monday night on WICE Q95FM Radio featuring the achievements of Dominicans at home and abroad and focusing on subjects of important to the Dominican people.

6Shamah Lloyd

Shamah Lloyd is a native of Castle-Bruce residing in Houston, Texas. She enjoys a career as a Chemist and is also pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. As Founder and CEO of Exquisite Bundles (a luxurious human hair extensions company), Shamah facilitates self-love by empowering women to define their own looks. Shamah is also one of the co-founders of the Houston Caribbean Queen (HCQ) Pageant. The program is the first of its kind and provides a network for young women with a shared cultural background.

7Juanita Louis

Juanita Louis migrated to New York after she graduated from high school in Dominica to pursue a college education. Her glowing beauty attracted the eyes of several modeling agencies including one of New York City’s top modeling agencies, Wilhemina. Juanita’s passion for helping others steered her to a degree in medicine, which she achieved with honors! Upon completion of that degree, she refocused her love for fashion and reinvented herself as a model in the fashion industry in New York City! Give Juanita some love on her official Facebook page.

8Afia Kufuor

Afia Kufuor hails from Roseau and is a History student at the University of Kent. She is the Head of Online at Canterbury’s Student Radio and has presented both the breakfast and lunchtime shows since joining the station. Afia is a Team Assistant at BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and the Asian Network and in her spare time she hosts live events and is a DJ. In her gap year, Afia was a news reporter for the UK’s first under 25 youth-led news team, London360. During this time she produced three 30-minute documentaries that broadcast on London Live and the Community Channel on Sky, Virgin and Freeview.

9Kerdisha St. Louis


Kerdisha St. Louis is founder of the KSChronicles, an online Caribbean Magazine highlighting Caribbean people and culture. She is passionate about journalism, media and youth development and has active roles on Dominica’s National Youth Council (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and Media Team Coordinator), and hosts ‘Youth Camera Action’ on Marpin Channel 5. In 2016, Kerdisha won the National Youth award for Media and more recently, started a new company – KS Consultancy – a Social/Digital Media marketing consultancy company.

10Kellyn George

Kellyn George is a sickle cell survivor and is the founder of the Sickle Cell Cares Foundation, an organization that raises awareness of Sickle Cell disease in Dominica and supports those who live with the disease. Kellyn is also the proud recipient of the 2015 Queens Young Leaders award and has been selected to attend the One Young World Summit.

11Tina Alfred

Tina Alfred  is a steadfast Victim Supporter for sexually abused women and a member of Lifeline Ministries (providing a voice for the unrepresented and victimized in Dominica), the Dominica National Youth Council and the Bureau Of Gender Affairs. In 2016, Tina was the recipient of the Queens Young Leader award and she’s passionate about women rights.

12Crystel Hilton

Crystel Hilton is fashion designer from Bioche who specializes in handmade jewelry and accessory designs. Her work has been showcased at various shows, include in Quebec, Canada during Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week. Look out for her work in New York at Le Coiffeur Styles The Runway 2018 in April! Check our her Facebook page and read about her here and here.

13Valarie Honoré

Valarie Honoré is a Social Entrepreneur and the founder of I Have a Right Foundation. She has represented Dominica at various prestigious events, such as the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (2016), the One Young World Summit in Columbia (2017) and more recently, at a US Government Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminar on Emergency Response and Disaster Preparedness. Valarie is also one of 80 Peace Ambassadors from around the world.

14Sherma Alfred

Sherma Alfred is a trained Trichologist (a hair and scalp specialist – the only one in the region!) and Cosmetologist, and has run a beauty salon for more than 15 years. Now known as Caribbean Beauty Salon and Clinic, the business offers a full range of services including trichology consultations, hair, makeup, facials and waxing.


Melinda ‘Mel’ Ulysses is a talented singer/songwriter who hails from Stock Farm. A former primary school teacher, Mel is now traveling the world as a performer (with band Island Notes) aboard a cruise ship in the Norwegian fleet. She recently celebrated an astounding achievement – 3 million views on her music video for Touch Me Remix! Say ‘hi’ to Mel via her Facebook page.

16Alexandra Dupigny

Alexandra Dupigny is the first female, Kalinago, LIAT-certified, pilot from Dominica and is now a proud pilot with regional airline, LIAT. After years in the banking industry, she left to follow her childhood dream of becoming a pilot and has never turned back!

17Nicole Laville

Nicole Laville is the current Terminal Manager of ARGOS Dominica Ltd. (local supplier of cement) and co-founder of CORISAV, a full service engineering company here in Dominica. She is also a proud wife, mother and passionate about everything Dominican.

18Kimone Joseph

Kimone Joseph is the Officer-in-Charge at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus Dominica. She is a University of Leeds (UK) graduate and holds a Masters of Arts degree in Communications Studies. Kimone is also a student, and she’s currently a UWI doctoral candidate in the Educational Leadership in Higher Education programme.

19Nikima Royer-Jno Baptiste

Nikima Royer-Jno Baptiste is the first female and Dominican-national to ever be appointed in the role of Chief Executive Officer for DIGICEL’s Dominican operations. Before a career in the Telecommunications industry, she worked in Tourism for over 10 years. Nikima is a passionate leader and proud family-woman.

20Rianna Patterson

Rianna Patterson‘s grandfather passed away after battling dementia, and this young lady turned a family tragedy into a positive movement. In 2016, Rianna started the Dominica Dementia Foundation and a year later, had two awards under her belt – the 2017 Esteemed Volunteer Award from Dominica’s National Youth Council and the coveted 2017 Queen’s Young Leader title. In March 2018, as a student at the University of Kent, Rianna graced the TEDx stage and is the youngest Dominican on record to do so!


Do you know any other women who should be added to this list? (Think young in a non-traditional field and male-dominated industries.) If you do, leave a comment below!


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Dominican-born Attorney Sworn into the US Supreme Court Bar

Garvin Gauss Ambrose
Ambrose (fourth from right) is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University (B.S., 2001) and Thomas M. Cooley Law School (J.D., 2005).

On February 28, 2018, Dominican born attorney, Garvin Gauss Ambrose, was sworn in as a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C.

Ambrose, who was born in the Village of Mahaut, became an attorney in 2005. He is currently an Assistant State’s Attorney and Chief of the Bureau of Administrative Services for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago, Illinois.

Ambrose is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University (B.S., 2001) and Thomas M. Cooley Law School (J.D., 2005). He attended the Mahaut Primary School before migrating to Canada at seven. He remains Dominican at heart.

“As a proud Dominican, I try to take every opportunity to uplift our country while overseas…” Garvin Gauss Ambrose

The Supreme Court Bar allows lawyers to practice before the US’ highest court.

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[PHOTOS] Model Roof Takes a Tour Around Dominica!


Roseau, Dominica, 28 February 2018 — The Ministry of Planning, Economic Development, and Investment with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Engineers Without Borders (EWB) continued to partner to advocate for building resiliency in Dominica post-Hurricane Maria. A model roof designed and built by the EWB team will be on display at various locations across the island.

First seen at the Carnival Monday Parade on 12 February 2018, the model roof has been an effective way to engage Dominicans in discussion on building back better. Five model roofs have been built and these, along with the revised Guide to Dominica´s Housing Standards, also advanced by the Ministry of Planning, UNDP, and EWB, are critical to advocacy and education for building back better.

“Apart from being a tangible example of a resilient roof, it has been a great communication tool,” says Benjie Hayek of EWB.

“It really gets us great feedback from members of the public who are seeking information from us and who are sharing their Hurricane Maria experience,” she added.

For the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Planning, Mrs. Gloria Joseph, the roof and document complement each other for outreach efforts.

Photos source: UNDP Dominica Project Office

“While members of the public can interact with the mobile roof, i.e. see and touch, they cannot go home with it and so the Guide enables them to reference what they have learnt, not just when they actually have to rebuild but throughout the entire process from planning to buying materials.

It is a ready reference they can carry with them in various stages of the rebuilding process and that goes a long way in supporting the efforts of the Ministry,” she stated.

To date, the roof has been displayed at EH Charles and Rudolph Thomas hardware stores in Roseau and Portsmouth respectively as well as the government headquarters and Roseau Market. A town hall meeting was held on Wednesday 21 February 2018 at the Credit Union Hall in Portsmouth, where a cross-section of the community attended a discussion on building back better.

Senior Development Control Officer and officer for the North in the Physical Planning Division, Joseph Fontaine, was very encouraged by the feedback from the audience.

“The persons who attended included homeowners, contractors, and material suppliers, all of whom were affected by Maria in one way or another. They asked pertinent and very technically specific questions and were very eager to apply the changes we have suggested as they rebuild. So as someone who has to, at some point, inspect their structures, this is very encouraging.”

This week the model roof was on display in Grand Bay on Monday and Marigot the following day and will be on display for the rest of the week as follows: Wednesday 28th February 2018: Soufriere at the Christian Union Church from 4:00 pm, Thursday 1st March 2018: Kalinago Territory at the St. Cyr Resource Centre from 9:30am, Castle Bruce at the Castle Bruce Secondary School from 3:00 pm.

Other dates and locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

UNDP´s support for the education programme including the model roofs, revised Guidelines, and outreach activities has been made possible through a US$3 million grant from the Government of The People’s Republic of China, mainly towards resilient roof construction through procurement of materials and equipment.

This support will be implemented through partnerships with other agencies including four buildings at the Princess Margaret Hospital with the Ministry of Health; five health centers with AmeriCares Foundation; the Dominica State College with the Ministry of Education; and
600 homes for vulnerable households through international partners Caritas, International Organization for Migration (IOM), IsraAid and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Repairs to the roofs of apartments at Bath Estate and Elmshall will be carried out with funds from the government of India.

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[PHOTOS] Top officials from Dominica, China and UNDP Assess Recovery Efforts


Roseau, Dominica (6 March 2018) — High level representatives from the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) conducted site visits on March 5, 2018 to the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Woodbridge Bay Port, the Dublanc Health Center and a home in Colihaut to examine the progress of roofing repairs.

The visit takes place as Dominicans are starting to reap benefits in sturdier roofing from US$3 million worth of roofing materials through the China-funded project, implemented by UNDP with national counterparts. Since the beginning of the year, approximately 840 cubic metres of roofing material have arrived in Dominica. The roofing repairs are scheduled for completion by the end of June 2018. In the immediate hurricane aftermath, the Government of China also offered US$800,000 to support efforts to build back better.

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Planning, Economic Development & Investment the Honourable Dr. John Collin McIntyre, expressed the Government of Dominica’s gratitude for this generous donation which represents the continuation of a strong friendship between the two countries.

Ambassador Lu Kun of China expressed that his Government attaches great importance to this project, and that they chose to collaborate with UNDP given its professionalism and experience in early recovery.

Building back better

A countrywide Building Damage Assessment led by UNDP in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria has revealed that 19 percent of all residential buildings in Dominica were destroyed, 26 percent suffered major damage, 29 percent suffered minor damage and 27 percent minimal damage.

“As part of the UNDP’s Build Back Better approach, we are promoting disaster-resilient communities, and this means ensuring that critical buildings such as health centers can survive the worst storms,” said UNDP Resident Representative for Barbados and the OECS, Stephen O’Malley, thanking the government of China for the contribution to this approach, particularly urgent in view of the next hurricane season a few months away.

Photos: Zaimis Olmos/UNDP

At the Princess Margaret Hospital, where work is being supervised by the Ministry of Health and the Environment, the buildings being repaired are the Nursing Hostel/Project Management Unit, the Acute Psychiatric Unit and the Dialysis Unit. The works are currently at 60 percent completion.

The repairs to the Dublanc Health Center are being managed by the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Americares Foundation. The health centers in Woodford Hill, Calibishie, Dos D’Ane, and Warner are also benefitting from this partnership.

UNDP has partnered with the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Water Resource Management and other international aid organisations IsraAid, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Caritas and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to repair the roofs of the homes of over 600 vulnerable households.

The relevant Ministries are overseeing repair works with support from Engineers Without Borders (EwB), a civil society organization that has been key in training over 350 local contractors on building standards. EwB has also contributed to the revision of the Guide to Dominica’s Housing Standards in collaboration with the UNDP and the Ministry of Planning, Economic Development and Investment.


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[VIDEO] Dominican Bikers make Waves in St. Lucia


Press Release (March 6, 2018) – The Dominica Bikers made history once again by traveling to St. Lucia with their bikes for the second time. This time it was for St. Lucia 39th Independence celebration.

While it was anticipated that a contingent from Dominica would not make this trip because of the damage cause by hurricane Maria, they were able to put together a large contingent of 20 bikes (18 bikes, 2 ATVs). The bikers chartered local boat owner and captain Mr. Neville Wade from Portsmouth in an effort to keep the business local.

Departure commenced on Wednesday, February 21st from the Portsmouth berth. Upon arrival in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia it was evident that the Dominica contingent intended to make a statement throughout their stay.

They awakened the city of Vieux Fort on arrival with bystanders in amazement at the display of colorful and well maintained motorcycles. Next, Castries was awakened by the bikers as they make sure that the city recognized that Dominica was finally there.

Throughout the rest of the week, it was evident that wherever Dominica was, that was the place to be. While they participated in most of the events throughout the week, it wasn’t until the weekend that the final nail in the coffin was set to say that not only was Dominica there, but they came strong, resilient and ready for action.

Sunday was the Drag Wars at the base drag strip in Vieux Fort. A smaller group attended the drag event and made a profound statement against the competition from other islands. Dominica won most of the races they participated in during their time on the drag. This is a great milestone, considering that there are no drag strips or areas for Dominican bikers to practice or fine-tune their skills in order to compete, yet still, they were amongst the best performers of the day.

Next and lastly was the Supermoto race and stunt exhibition in the city of Castries. Dominica had no participants in the races but participated in stunt exhibition where they completely stole the show. The crowd was in a frenzy at every instant the Dominicans performed.

At the commencement of the event, you could hear the crowd screaming for the Dominicans to continue. At the afterparty on the boulevard in Castries, Dominica put on a final show, draping a young lady in a large Dominican Flag while one of the ATVs made circles around her. This cemented Dominica’s performance as a complete SHELL DOWN of the St. Lucian Independence celebration.

This entire trip has been encapsulated by the contingents traveling local Vlogger (Mystellics) of MystProductionz. Videos of the trip can be viewed on his youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/MystProductionz.

This trip was not just a trip for bikers, it was a time to display the many talents in the Dominica autosports industry.

Surprisingly to the bikers, they realized the trip was bigger than them, it was an empowerment and encouragement for those Dominican who fled after Hurricane Maria, the tourists who are still interested in the island but unsure of its true condition.

All in all, it showed the outside world the resilience of Dominicans and Dominica as a whole, to return after Hurricane Maria in such a big way as to steal the show on foreign land while promoting the use of safety gear and good riding.

It is anticipated that next year, an even larger contingent will be traveling, while also encouraging other islands to visit Dominica as well.

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