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Gharan Burton paintings
Inspired by the aftermath of hurricane Maria in Dominica. (Source: Gharan Burton)

Gharan Burton is an academically trained artist who resides in the US most of the year but spends winter months in the Caribbean. Born and raised in Dominica, Gharan attended college in the US where his studies focused mostly on painting and sculpture.

He enjoys painting the figure, still lives, landscapes and abstract experimental works. Vibrant colors inspired by his island upbringing, dominate Gharan’s paintings. He also employs various techniques of pigment application and layering in order to create texture in his work.

Gharan’s work has been featured in various shows and galleries (including solo showcases) in the Caribbean and the United States. These include the Strand Center Gallery (2016), Outdoor Art Club (2017) and Elfs Farm Winery (2017). Most recently, his artwork was shown at the Caribbean Fine Art Fair in Barbados. The gallery below shows some of Gharan’s recent paintings:


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Positive Notes from Positive People #41

Leandra Lander pen pals

Its always my aim to make learning varied and meaningful. My class never had pen pals. And so I found them some; 5I of the St Vincent Girls High School.

Their task was to write a letter to firstly get them writing!They had to write to a young girl out there in the region , going through the same experiences as a teenager, doing the same exam in a few months as they are preparing for. Moreover, write to thank her for assisting her school to raise $18,000 for Dominica, post Maria.

They had to write a letter of support to their new friend and include an item from Dominica! Here goes!

By Leandra Lander

Leandra is the head of the Geography Department at Convent High School and was recently featured in our article A Few Notable Dominican Women on Int’l Women’s Day. Click the link to read about her achievements and that of more than a dozen other young Dominican ladies.


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[VIDEO] Sultan Falls – Dominicans Exploring Dominica


DeD (Dominicans Exploring Dominica). This episode takes us to Salton Waterfalls 3 months after Hurricane Maria.

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Dominican Artists headline Caribbean Fine Art Fair 2018


Press Release (March 21, 2018) – Dominican brothers Gharan and Shadrach Burton represented Dominica at the 8th Caribbean Fine Art Fair held from March 7-11, 2018 at the Courtney Blackman Grand Salle Gallery & Annex, Tom Adams Financial Center, Spry Street, Bridgetown, Barbados.

This year the exhibition examined Caribbean expressions of loss, hope and restoration, exploring the value of reminiscence.

The fair exhibited art from 40 of the Caribbean’s most prodigious artists.

Gharan Burton is an academically trained artist who resides in the US most of the year but spends winter months in the Caribbean. Born and raised in Dominica, Gharan attended college in the US where his studies focused mostly on painting and sculpture. He enjoys painting the figure, still lives, landscapes and abstract experimental works. Vibrant colors inspired by his island upbringing, dominate Gharan’s paintings.

He also employs various techniques of pigment application and layering in order to create texture in his work. A true renaissance man at heart, Gharan is also currently a landscaper, in the upstate NY region of Plattsburgh.

Shadrach Burton is a visual artist from Wotten Waven, Dominica and his art collection currently dates back to 1994. After being introduced to Earl Etienne and Ellingsworth Moses in the year 2000, he was participating in exhibitions at the age of 13 and has since stacked up over 50 exhibitions including 6 solo art shows.

He recently graduated with a master’s degree in fine art after studying for seven years in Hangzhou, China. Before going to pursue studies in China, in 2007, Shadrach majored in Biology and Physics and even taught high school biology for 3 years. He currently produces art using a style that is influenced by nature, music, pop culture, social commentary and his odd sense of humor.

This year, was the brothers third time representing Dominica and although he could not attend, the work of Dominican Artist Earl Etienne was also brought to display. Dominican photographer Kervin George also attended the event.

The work of Shadrach Burton headlined the event and was also chosen to be used on the flyers, posters, brochures, banners and other visual displays.

Executive Director of CaFA, Anderson Pilgrim, maintained that the Caribbean should not forget the fortitude that avails as a result of the devastating effects of climate change on small island systems. He also reflected that Burton’s pieces are characteristic of what the region has been through.

The art fair boasts a tradition of introducing new elements each year and 2018 is not an exception; CaFA exhibited works from Barbados’ secondary schools, giving young artists a taste of the limelight.

CaFA Fair is planned and produced by a team whose aggregated experience in fine art totals over 100 years and is supported by business such as Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. COT Media Group, The National Cultural Foundation, Intimate Hotels of Barbados, Onomatopoeia and McEnearney Quality Inc.

The Dominican artists paid their own airline tickets and accommodations but are always looking for sponsorship as they represent Dominica’s artistic talent through this event.


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Leather-working Entrepreneur – Vanessa Lissa Winston


Posted by Vanessa Lissa Winston on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ms. Vanessa Lissa Winston is the Owner of New Beginning Gifts & Leathers. Winston has 12 years working experience in the arts and craft industry and leather crafting. Presently, She has incorporated the production of scented candles, soap and recycled craft into the business.

Being self taught in making candles and experimenting with different wax and scents, Winston has broadened her knowledge of safer wax to be used in line with the health factor and the environment.  Winston gained training in recycle craft production.


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Positive Notes from Positive People #40

Help for Dominica

From Help for Dominica:

Container loaded and on it’s way to Dominica! Lots of issues with weather and transport but finally got it done! Special thanks to Tracey Gregory for their help loading,we couldn’t have done it without you! Also to Joyce Moore and Neil for driving nearly five hours in snow to bring medical exam table and other items, and to Dominique Carbon who actually did a lot more than drink tea! But the photos of her working weren’t so nice! And thanks to Windridge Coatings for all their help too.

Help for Dominica Help for Dominica

About Help for Dominica

Originally founded by Brenda Vidal and Sandra Watkin after Tropical Storm Erika for emergency aid, we went on to send arts and craft supplies to schools and community projects supporting abuse victims. After Hurricane Maria we have again prioritized emergency aid for those in need.


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Dominican Writers Rewarded as Writers-in-Residence at UWI St. Augustine


From March 11-24, the Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies of the University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus will be home to two deserving Dominican writers – Celia Sorhaindo and Lisa Latouche.

Celia Sorhaindo

In January, Sorhaindo and Latouche were selected out of a pool of local writers to participate in a writer-in-residence program that promised to allow them to further explore their writing. The two-week program coincides with Campus Literature Week, an event that gives writers the opportunity to showcase their writing.

As part of writer-in-residence scholarship, the writers meet regularly with Writer In Residence at the St. Augustine campus, Oonya Kempadoo, who imparts knowledge on the writing process, editing and getting works published.

Lisa Latouche

(Kempadoo is a highly acclaimed, award winning Guyanese novelist.)

Another important part of the writer-in-residence program is attendance at the Masters of Fine Arts Creative Writing class. Sorhaindo and Latouche sit in with the post-grads and take part in various activities, such as short story writing and peer critique.

Both writers have expressed gratitude and humility about their selection to participate in the writing program. The time spent immersed in an atmosphere of regular, disciplined writing will be of great help as they complete their own personal projects (Celia is working on a book of poems and Lisa is writing a novel).


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Dominica Continues Recovery Six Months After Hurricane Maria Hits Island

Fort Young Hotel, Dominica
The Fort Young Hotel in Roseau, Dominica has re-opened more than half of its rooms while many cruise lines are resuming visits to the country’s two cruise ship berths. Photo Credit: The Discover Dominica Authority (PRNewsfoto/Discover Dominica Authority)

ROSEAU, DominicaMarch 20, 2018 — March 18, 2018 marks six months since a powerful Category 5 hurricane slammed the island nation of Dominica.  Six months following Hurricane Maria, Dominica has made major progress in restoring routes to and from the island, essential services and amenities, and transportation throughout the island.

“Nothing is better for our recovery from Hurricane Maria than visitors to our island,” says Colin Piper, CEO of the Discover Dominica Authority. “We have made significant progress in getting the island ready for guests. Whether it’s for a relaxing getaway, special event or meaningful travel, visitors will see the same vibrant spirit of our people and beautiful scenery and features that make Dominica the Nature Island of the Caribbean.”


Dominica has full connectivity to international and regional markets with regular flights offered by regional carriers including LIAT, Seaborne Airlines, WINAIR, Air Sunshine, Coastal Express Carrier and, most recently, InterCaribbean Airways. As of March 22, 2018, InterCaribbean Airways will operate nonstop scheduled services between DominicaSt. Lucia and Tortola. Chartered flights are also available via Sky High Aviation Services, and Trans Island Air.

The Douglas Charles Airport, located at Melville Hall, and the Canefield Airport have welcomed passengers since October, 2017.  Connections are available to BarbadosAntiguaSan JuanSt. MaartenSt. Kitts, Tortola, St. Thomas, AnguillaSt. Lucia, St. Croix and St. Thomas.

Air access has been expanded with night landing available at Douglas Charles Airport until 8 p.m. for public flights and until 10 p.m. by special arrangement.

L’Express des Iles fast ferry service was operational within a few weeks after Hurricane Maria and provides service between DominicaGuadeloupeMartinique and St. Lucia. L’Express des Iles has partnered with Air Caraïbes to offer simultaneous airline and ferry bookings with connections to L’Express des Iles destinations.  Booking can be made on www.aircaraibes.com through the NavigAir programme.


A total of 393 hotel/guest house rooms are available.  This represents 41 percent of the total stock of 962 rooms available before Hurricane Maria.  Fort Young Hotel will open additional rooms and Secret Bay, Calibishie Cove and Citrus Creek Planation are expected to reopen in the last quarter of 2018.   Two additional properties, Jungle Bay Resort and Cabrits Resort Kempinski, are expected to open during the first half of 2019, and Anichi Resort late in 2019.  The opening of these three hotels will increase Dominica’s room stock by 340.

Sites and Attractions

The majority of sites and attractions, 19 of the 23 on the island, have been officially declared open to visitors.  These include the signature sites of Trafalgar Falls, Middleham Falls, Emerald Pool, Fresh Water Lake and the Indian River. Visitors can enjoy magnificent easy to moderate hikes across the island including, Syndicate Nature Trail, Cabrits/Fort Shirley and others. Diving tours are currently available with six dive operators offering dive tours at all of the key dive sites on the north, south and west coasts of the island. Divers can explore a world of incredible underwater vistas and discover why Dominica is ranked amongst the world’s top ten dive sites.

Voluntourism Packages

Dominica encourages visitors to get involved in meaningful tourism by considering a voluntourism package. These unique packages are offered to assist Dominica with the cleanup of sites such as the Indian River, dive sites and the Waitukubuli National Trail.  Packages are being offered by the Tamarind Tree Hotel, Fort Young Hotel, Secret Bay, Cobra Tours, Cool Breeze Tours and Cabrits Dive.

Cruise Travel

Before Hurricane Maria, Dominica was on course to receive 219 cruise calls during the 2017-2018 cruise season. This number has since been reduced to 34 calls and the country welcomed the first cruise vessel following the hurricane on December 28, 2017.  The Sea Cloud II anchored off Portsmouth and one month later, the MV Mein Schiff 3 of TUI cruises docked at the Roseau cruise ship berth.  Since then, the island has received an additional 16 cruise calls. Carnival Cruises is expected to make a total of five visits, commencing with three in July, 2018.

The people of Dominica continue to show their resilience and steadfastness in building a better Dominica. In mid-February, the country celebrated Carnival and plans are in motion for the 9th Annual Jazz ‘n Creole on May 20, 2018 at Fort Shirley in the Cabrits National Park, along with fringe events in Portsmouth on the weekend of the Jazz ‘n Creole main stage.

Plans are being made for World Creole Music Festival from October 26-28, 2018 followed by the island’s 40th Anniversary of Independence celebration on November 3, 2018.

For more information on Dominicacontact Discover Dominica Authority at 767 448 2045. Or, visit Dominica’s official website: www.DiscoverDominica.com, see Dominica’s updates on the tourism sector post Hurricane Maria: www.dominicaupdate.com, follow Dominica on Twitter and Facebook and take a look at our videos on YouTube.


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Rescuing Puppies after Hurricane Maria – Help for Dominica


Many puppies and dogs have been seriously injured in Dominica, caused by the passage of hurricane Maria. Puppies are dying due to disease, lack of veterinary support and medicines. And with people focusing on the urgent need to rebuild their damaged homes before next hurricane season, there is little time or money to spare to care for the needs of these, as treatments and veterinary care is beyond the means of many people. 

Photo source: Help for Dominica

Sandra, co-founder of Help for Dominica, has 4 dogs herself and has been assisting with the rescue, care and re-homing of many puppies and dogs in her local area. She recently hand reared these 3 cute puppies when the mother died soon after giving birth. They are all now in loving homes.

Children Help with Treatment

Many of the local village children have tried to take care of the abandoned puppies. They are responsible and loving, but have no access to treatments and were keen to learn how they can help.

Sandra spent some time teaching them how to treat these cute puppies for ticks, fleas, worming and other basic needs, as untreated puppies may cause health problems for children.

Photo source: Help for Dominica

Re-Homing the Puppies

After a successful day in the village treating and finding homes for these cute puppies, there were 2 puppies which still needed extra care. Sandra took them home and made an enclosure to nurse them back to health away from her own 4 dogs.

After only a few days they were on their way to full health. The white one now has a new home to go to, but the black one needs a little longer in Sandra’s care.

Ongoing Help

After the advice and help from Sandra, the village children were quick to learn and are doing a great job in looking out for the many cute puppies they find abandoned. Even the youngest ones are keen to give love and attention when a puppy is found to be in need of help.

Photo source: Help for Dominica

But much more help is needed as Sandra has been funding this herself and cannot look after the needs of every dog or puppy. She is getting daily messages asking for help, but is fully occupied with our Aid relief and arts and crafts projects. If she could get supplies to the village they can care for their own dogs better and alleviate the need for her to spend so much time there herself. There are plans to start a project on the island to care for this problem, there is land in place and hopefully there will be news on this soon.

Meanwhile, if you would like to assist Sandra in the work she is doing please consider making a donation, no matter how small, every little helps! Send an email to sandra@helpfordominica.co.uk for more information.

About Help for Dominica

Originally founded by Brenda Vidal and Sandra Watkin after Tropical Storm Erika for emergency aid, we went on to send arts and craft supplies to schools and community projects supporting abuse victims. After Hurricane Maria we have again prioritized emergency aid for those in need.


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Give More HUGS nonprofit on mission to assist schools in Dominica


PRESS RELEASE (Roseau, Dominica – March 19, 2018) Members of the non-profit organization Give More HUGS (Help Unite Giving Souls) will travel to Dominica from March 21-26 for a service trip to support school and community partners in the Kalinago Territory.

The nonprofit’s mission began on the island of Dominica while founder and Executive Director, Chris McGilvery, and wife and Ross University School of Medicine Alumni, Dr. Taryn McGilvery, lived and experienced the beauty and culture of the island.

“The people are kind and generous, and we became close to many families and school administrators. I realized that there are children who need access to basic school supplies and books, which led me to start a nonprofit to help children in Dominica. Dominica gave us so much and we are just grateful for the opportunities that came from this strong, beautiful and resilient Nature Island,” explained Chris.

Since the island was hit by Hurricane Maria, the Give More HUGS organization has planned to help support their community and school partners.

“The island was home to several thousand Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) students, faculty, staff, and families, and we couldn’t just stand and watch the devastation from afar. We knew that we had to give back to Dominica, and we hope that we can continue to support schools through the coming years. Our RUSM community came together to help raise funds which has enabled
us to ship 17 pallets of supplies to the island since October 2017,” stated Chris McGilvery.

Give More HUGS plans to support the schools in the Kalinago Territory and community partners to provide the much-needed supplies. Ross University School of Medicine Spouses Organization members Ann Aro and Chelsea Webster helped coordinate a volunteer weekend in Houston to ship eight pallets of supplies for Salybia Primary, Sineku Primary, Atkinson Primary and Dublanc Primary Schools.

“Our relief efforts are really part of a larger team. This would not be possible without the support and assistance from so many,
including people who have never had the pleasure of visiting Dominica. My time living on island was life-changing and I am honored to be part of a team who wants Dominica to know we love you,” said Chelsea Webster.

They also created 200 community bags to give to families in the northern region of the island. The bags include solar lamps, rice/beans, laundry detergent, first aid kits, and snacks to give back to families in Dominica.

“The people of Dominica and their beautiful island will always hold a piece of my heart. My family and I feel honored to be able to help the island that forever changed our lives,” expressed Ann Aro.

The GMH mission continues to be spread throughout Dominica, and the
team invites high school and college students to apply to be a HUGS Ambassador to help continue the mission of helping schools in Dominica.

Visit http://www.givemorehugs.org/hugs-ambassador to apply today. Deadline to apply is May 31, 2018.

Give More HUGS’ team dreams that each student is granted the opportunity to obtain and actively participate in a quality education. They are planning a set of service trips for the upcoming years to ensure students in Dominica have the supplies and support necessary to achieve their goals and dreams.


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[VIDEO] Trafalgar Falls, Six Month after Maria


Situated east of the picturesque village of Trafalgar is one of Dominica’s most popular natural attractions: the Trafalgar Falls. A 10-minute walk will take the visitor to a viewing platform for a panoramic view of twin waterfalls which plunge about 125 ft and 75 ft respectively. A major rockslide in September 1995 buried the once popular hot springs and pools at the base of the waterfall to the left.

The once taller waterfall, i.e. the one to the left, is popularly referred to as the “Papa Falls” and the shorter, but stronger one is affectionately called the “Mama Falls”; they are both on tributaries of the Roseau River. The “Breakfast” River that hikers cross en route to Boiling Lake is one of those tributaries, and it tumbles into the shorter waterfall. The water that leaves the Freshwater Lake area flows through Ti-Tou Gorge before cascading in the Papa Falls.

As you walk the trail, note the orange coloration in the small spring that flows across the trail. This is caused by iron compounds in the clay and not by sulphur. Sometimes the water may be slightly warm, and this is further evidence of Dominica’s volcanic origin. The stream coming from the hot springs at the base of the Papa Falls is much warmer.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Urban Renewal


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[VIDEO] Ti Kwen Glo Cho, Six Months After Maria


The name ‘Ti Kwen Glo Cho’ is Creole for ‘Little Corner of Hot Water’

Nestled in the beautiful and mountainous village of Wotten Waven, in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Ti Kwen Glo is a place of peace, tranquility and, of course, hot water.

Our hot water pools and tubs are filled with mineral rich sulphur waters that arises naturally from beneath the Earth. This water has been used for generations to soothe and relax the body, treat aching muscles, arthritic pain and even skin complaints.

The hot water (and it can get very hot and times) is mixed with the fresh cold water from the Kabwit waterfall on the property. Several natural cold showers are available near our pools to compliment your hot water soak and provide a rejuvenating hydrotherapy treatment.

Source: www.tikwenglocho.com

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[VIDEO] Middleham Falls, Six Months After Maria


The Middleham Trail was built by the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division through a 950-acre tract of tropical rain forest that was donated by John D. Archbold to the Government of Dominica, through The Nature Conservancy.

The trail is located in the north-west portion of Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and its main access points are from Providence Estate near the Laudat Road or from Cockrane village.

Starting from the parking lot at the Information Centre at Providence, the trail first crosses the Providence River. It then passes a few cultivations and a massive Maho Kochon tree, before entering the rain forest that is dominated by Gomyé (Dacryodes excelsa) and Chatannyé (Sloanea spp) trees. The Trail also takes you past some fine specimens of Yanga Palm (endemic to the Lesser Antilles) and a set of directional signs, before branching off to the left to one of Dominica’s tallest waterfalls, the Middleham Falls.

A section of Segment 4 of the Waitukubili National Trail traverses the Middleham area.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Urban Renewal

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Create Caribbean Hosts “All The Way Up” Workshop

Students listening to a presentation by Dr. Esprit

Create Caribbean held its second ‘All The Way Up’ workshop at Convent High School focusing on the options, steps and challenges of moving up to higher education.

The program included various activities which encouraged students to visualize their futures and reflect on their goals, opportunities and challenges. Following this, Dr. Schuyler K. Esprit addressed relevant issues in a presentation to the students.

All photos credited to Create Caribbean.

About Create Caribbean

Create Caribbean Inc. aims to provide educational and training opportunities to secondary and tertiary level students by combining liberal arts learning with digital technology. We work to develop the creative capacity of youth in Dominica and the Eastern Caribbean through a focus on arts, humanities and social science education and research. Our goal is to increase outreach and community participation in the preservation and dissemination of Caribbean history, heritage and other areas of research significance.


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Highly Regarded Author Pens Short-Story about Dominica


From Joanne Owen:

Thrilled to share these photos of my contributions to the latest SCOOP Magazine which is a special celebration around International Women’s Day. Really proud to have written a short story, Evelyn’s Island, about a girl who finds new hope following the destruction in Dominica following Hurricane Maria. The fee for the story will be given to two fabulous charities, one of which is Help for Dominica.

From Help for Dominica:

Thanks to Joanne Owen Books first for writing this wonderful, and emotional, short story about a girl who finds new hope following the destruction in Dominica following Hurricane Maria. And also for her generosity in donating part of her fees to our charity project. We are very grateful. Copies of the magazine will be sent in our next shipment for some of the schools to read and keep in their libraries.

About Joanne Owen:

Joanne Owen is a British author, born in Neyland, Pembrokeshire, Wales. She studied Anthropology, Archaeology and Social Sciences at St. John’s College, Cambridge and is the author of several acclaimed books for children and young adults. Joanne is currently researching a novel that is largely inspired by Dominica.


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[PHOTOS] Clearing Segment 11 with Tamarind Tree Hotel

Segment 11, Dominica

The end of another wet, muddy, hot, hardworking and fun work week!

Our team of staff, guests, local volunteers and even our driver Matthew continue to work hard to restore and clear Segment 11.

We thank everyone who supports, helps and cheers us on.

Tamarind Tree Hotel has officially adopted Segment 11 of the Waitukubuli National Trail and are offering Voluntourism packages where guests can vacation in Dominica but also lend a hand by clearing trails and other tasks.


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[VIDEO] How to Peel a Coconut like a Kalinago

Segment 6

What a pleasure to have local Kalinago resident peel us a coconut using this traditional method, while visiting Segment 6 with the Grenadian volunteers from St. George's University!

Posted by Waitukubuli National Trail on Thursday, March 8, 2018

What a pleasure to have local Kalinago resident peel us a coconut using this traditional method, while visiting Segment 6 with the Grenadian volunteers from St. George’s University!

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Karina LeBlanc Visits St Luke’s Primary School – UNICEF

Karina Leblanc 2

Back at school and settled into their temporary accommodation, students at the St Luke’s Primary School in Dominica welcomed a special visitor this week when UNICEF ambassador Karina LeBlanc paid a visit to their school.

St Luke’s was one of several schools and community centres which the 2002 Olympic bronze medalist visited as she toured her native Dominica to see the progress of recovery efforts in the six months since the powerful Hurricane Maria left a trail of destruction in the mountainous country.

The former captain of Canada’s women’s football team, who grew up in Dominica till the age of 8, left a powerful message with all the students she met as she urged them to set goals and constantly strive to meet them regardless of their background.

Karina Leblanc, Dominica

Source of text and photo: UNICEF Eastern Caribbean


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[VIDEO] Dominica Three Months After Hurricane Maria – UNICEF


Today, December 18th, 2017, marks exactly 3 months since Hurricane Maria made her unwelcome appearance in Dominica. With over 70,000 affected and 90% of the buildings on the island damaged or destroyed, Maria’s impact has been significant.

In spite of the widespread damage that Maria brought to Dominica, the progress in the journey to rebuild has been quicker than anticipated – a testament of the strength, resilience and patriotism of the people of Dominica.

UNICEF Eastern Caribbean has been dedicated to assisting Dominica in both its short and long term recovery efforts, providing life-saving clean drinking water and essential relief supplies, instituting a psychological support program for children called #ReturnToHappiness and, more recently, implementing an emergency cash transfer program to support the needs of the most vulnerable children, with the specific aim of contributing to access to food.


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[VIDEO] Six Months after Hurricane Maria


A quick mix of drone shots showing progress of recovery after Hurricane Maria – a monster which had maximum winds up to 240 miles/hr.

Different parts of island come back in different speeds. Unusual attack of vines looks interesting but strangles many trees. Some trees are doing well and bloom, while in other parts, they have hard time to awake.

This clip is more about nature recovery than about people. Hope you enjoy.

By Derek Galon


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