From Tuesday 10th October to Friday 13th October no vehicular access will be allowed in the City of Roseau from 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Free shuttle services will be available from the following checkpoints:


Checkpoint: Near Auto Trade… Individuals are advised to park in the vicinity of Canefield playing field. Shuttle service will take you to the Goodwill Link Road.


Checkpoint: Near Krazy Koconuts. Individuals are advised to park in the vicinity on the Lalay Coco strip. Shuttle Service will take you to the Old Market.

Access Routes near DBS Radio and the Windsor Park Stadium/River Street will also be blocked off.

This is an important notice from the Dominica Police Force. Officials have said that the Park & Ride measure will reduce traffic in Roseau, thus allowing utility companies to carry out their jobs more effectively. One police official asserted that if electricity is reinstated in the capital, the cleanup crews would be able to work day and night, thus bringing back Roseau to an acceptable state of cleanliness.


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