Gharan Burton is an academically trained artist who resides in the US most of the year but spends winter months in the Caribbean. Born and raised in Dominica, Gharan attended college in the US where his studies focused mostly on painting and sculpture.

He enjoys painting the figure, still lives, landscapes and abstract experimental works. Vibrant colors inspired by his island upbringing, dominate Gharan’s paintings. He also employs various techniques of pigment application and layering in order to create texture in his work.

Gharan’s work has been featured in various shows and galleries (including solo showcases) in the Caribbean and the United States. These include the Strand Center Gallery (2016), Outdoor Art Club (2017) and Elfs Farm Winery (2017). Most recently, his artwork was shown at the Caribbean Fine Art Fair in Barbados. The gallery below shows some of Gharan’s recent paintings:


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