Let’s talk about progress:

“…nature is not spent. There lives the dearest freshness, deep down things.”

Someone from Grand Bay was telling me about how they were still eating ground provisions.

Eh beh yesterday I saw a van with a “jaii” and a “pachay” plantain. I don’t know from where, but maysyayy look plantain to sell. Just a pity i was too busy to stop to buy.

On Friday morning there was also a van loaded with plantain and ground provisions on the Kings Hill bus stop.

I have gone across the island to Delices, inland to Giraudel, as far north as Macoucherie and as far south as the start of Soufriere, and I have seen some green areas that Maria probably decided were too precious to touch. I have also noticed endless waterfalls and areas where water just spouts from the ground and through mountain sides. We have a lot of underground water, and Dominica will be green again faster than is projected.

Take a picture of the mountains today and take another 7 days from now. The island herself is too resilient to allow her beauty to be stripped off by a hurricane.

Dominica, as an island, is progressing. Nature is never spent. The rest is up to us, the inhabitants of this beautiful island.

By Natasha Amaya Alfred Nation

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