When you reach ZERO in a few hours you start to look for the POSITIVE in every little thing to keep you going. When you reach a landslide in the road you climb over or around it to get to the other side.

Little things like Sukies and Foxy baking bread again makes you excited.
When ONE POT Jason Jno Baptiste starts serving COLD drinks you feel like a dream come true.

When you see DOMLEC workers working and one by one places get electricity that is progress. When you hear people scream because water flows thru their pipes you smile. THANKS DOWASCO and your hard workers.

When you get blocked in a traffic jam because heavy equipment operators are clearing the roads you don’t mind. Because you happy someone else is gonna be happy.

When you see trucks and backhoes and bobcats in the city clearing up along with guys and gals with gloves and shovels you know they gonna have a dollar in their pockets.

When the banks and stores open up one by one you see the future progressing.
These things may seem small to others…. but you never know until you face the situation directly.

I give thanks for the daily progress and I thank every single one involved in the daily progression. From the little man and woman with the gloves and shovels all the way to the top.

Together we can, together we will, the road is not gonna be easy, it will be one of the toughest we will ever face and not many will be able to take the grind. But for those who CAN we are DominiCAN and we CAN do whatever we set our mind to.
I am DominiCAN.

Blessings to all.

By Emile Depooter


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