Morning my peeps. The sun still continues to rise and set on our once lovely Dominica. For all the destruction that Maria dealt, I think its still ruggedly beautiful…

The fury of Mother Nature… the landscape has been drastically changed and the song “when I in awesome wonder” comes to my mind. The grass at home is ready to be cut. The leaves on the trees are beginning to grow.

I find myself collecting seeds from everything and anything I get – pumpkin, lemons, cucumber. Yes, someone gave me a cucumber. Sigh, I shared with Michael but he knows how much I love/crave cucumbers so he only took a little bit. Bless him.

We are beginning to adjust to this new norm. Short days and very long nights, quiet, except for the sound of some generators. The mosquitoes are terribly annoying and I see little frogs in the bathroom.

We have running water which is very clean… thanks DOWASCO. Electricity is being restored slowly but surely. It is a humongous job.

Clean up continues in the city, the job is overwhelming… a little patience… the clean up crews are doing the best that they can. Could be done a little faster but they seem exhausted. They are hindered by the many motorists who need to come to town.

Most days I walk to town if I need to. When the clean up is done and the streets hosed down, I am sure everyone will have a sense of something happening.

Royal Bank still remains closed but staff are working really hard to have services resume as quickly as possible.

Today was exciting for me. I passed by Astaphan’s and there was an extremely long line of customers. I stood watching, a policeman said, “no bags.” One of the workers at Astaphan’s saw me and said, “let Ma Fadelle come in.” Lol.

Well I am happy to say I got my Revlon hair color, chicken, and popcorn. Wow, I am happy. I am positive there were more people shopping than normal. What was confusing was that they were buying milk and cornflakes and chicken, stuff that were being shared by the relief people.

I asked a shopper why is she buying those things when it is being given out. “Hmmm,” she said, “me, madam, I have my money, I doh get noffing. I can buy.” Lol.

Thank you Astaphan’s for opening up in such an orderly way. Oh by the way, Miiniyas 7-11 at Canefield is also opened for business as is Fine Foods, formerly Hara Agencies but wholesale only.

You can get provisions by the side of the road, basically dasheen and plantain. I am still looking for onions. Hope continues to grow in my heart and I know that one day Dominica will be green again, sooner, rather than later and once we have faith, things will get better day by day.

For now, I am not running away, I shall wear a mask. I am not abandoning the land of my birth. We shall rise again, one love. Blessings all. (Till i get an opportunity to use my FB account again).

PS. What is happening on Young and Restless. Oh I miss you!

By Jennifer-Anne Fadelle


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