Hurricane Maria, on September 18th and into the early hours of September 19th hit us with winds that extended up to 200mph and caused countrywide destruction and damage. Our country was brought to it’s knees and no family was left unscathed by Maria’s wrath. In the days following Maria many of us didn’t know where to begin.

We had to first wrap our minds around this destruction (imagine that even me, a woman of many words was stricken silent by Maria). I commend those who quickly rose up to the challenge of restoration and repair.

There is no place for rebuilding in Dominica… we have to Build from scratch…our minds, homes, attitudes and country. We have been given a clean slate to do better where we have fallen short. Now is the time when community spirit and patriotism should radiate from our very being like the lush green forest that once enveloped our country.

Our country is broken but not our spirits. We lost our homes but not our will. I implore each of you;each of us to rise to the task at hand; enough of the complaining and will only divide us further and slow down our progress.

Hands to the plough,all for each and each for all as we use our God given resources to recreate a Dominica we will be proud to call our own. We’ve tilled the soil before…we can do it again. We’ve survived without Domlec and Dowasco before… we can do it again.

Water should not be an issue in a land of 365 rivers…we just need to be more innovative and resourceful. Relief has come in..let it be distributed equitably and swiftly so that our people will not go hungry. Feed each other. Help each other. Love each other. Clean communities and take care of your elderly and your children.

We cannot sit and despair. We need to get up and repair. This country was built on the backs of our forefathers through hard work and perseverance. Their blood still runs through our veins. For a while we seems to have forgotten our way. We’d turned away from the soil, we’d become dependent and fearful of hard work.

Well wake up and shake up. We cannot miss this opportunity to Create a Dominica that our children will be proud to call home so start today…Let’s Build Dominica….a stronger, better and more resilient state and people.

Let us be remembered as the generation that restored Dominica to a new level of glory. Let the ALL FOR EACH AND EACH FOR ALL in our national anthem hold new meaning this coming week. May you be blessed… may your family be blessed and May God bless Dominica.

By Monell Williams


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