Fort Young Hotel heroes
Eustaes, Owan and Jay... employees of Fort Young Hotel. Photo credit: Elvira Morella

I found this entire post on a LinkedIn page, shared by Alessandro Legrottaglie, a country manager at the World Bank Group. His wife thanks these three young men you helped numerous guests of the Fort Young Hotel, who might have otherwise been trapped and hurt as the roofs of their rooms lifted off during the storm.

Kudos to these everyday heroes!

I want to share this pic and post from my wife, who was trapped in Dominica and luckily survived the recent hurricane, in order to give these three guys the tribute they deserve. This reminds us that heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.

“One day, when my children will ask whether heroes are real, I will show them the pictures of these three young men. The night of Sep 18, while Hurricane Maria was devastating Dominica and probably their homes, Eustaes, Owan and Jay remained at the Fort Young Hotel and rescued one by one the guests in the rooms whose roofs were ripped off and walls nearly collapsed.

Enduring a 256km/h wind, they dragged people across stairs and terraces, while all sort of structures, furniture, debris and broken glasses was flying over their heads. My love to Dominica was at first sight. I spent there some memorable moments. Now I can’t help but loving the People of Dominica from the deep of my heart. My admiration to them is immense. We owe Eustaes, Owan and Jay our lives.

I left yesterday with a broken heart. As we flew over the island and saw widespread devastation, I cried for the first time in years. I can only think that one day I will go back, one day I will.” (Elvira Morella)

By Alessandro Legrottaglie

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