Simon Walsh has lived in Dominica for a few decades now, in the southern community of Soufriere. He left a couple weeks ago, but is back now and he’s a part of a significant effort to bring relief items to people of the south. He recently shared this update with is social media friends:

It’s midnight and so ends one of the most intense, exhausting, emotional, hard working, lack of sleep and rewarding experiences of my life. This team has shopped, hauled, dragged, loaded and thrown over 5 tons of specific aid for specific communities.

We have laughed together, a lot, we have cried, we have cursed and shared dangers and joys. Most of us strangers to each other and from different worlds and life experiences.
Yet, for Dominica, We actually pulled this off and people now have food, generators, water and dogs have been delivered food also.

Another midnight departure to St Lucia and we will part ways. Dominica has once again effected the lives of many as she always does. Thanks to Jake Levenson for pulling us together with Shane Gero,Andrew D Thaler,Adam S. Aroesty,Chuck Martinsen and our ground crew of Imogen Scott andBob Cooper. Now for the second trip with just 2 of us and the awesome crew from Dive Dominica.

By Simon Walsh

Simon Walsh relief supplies Dominica
Some of the relief items on the boat, just off Dominica’s coast (on the Bayfront).
Simon Walsh relief supplies Dominica
Simon with his team in Saint Lucia, shopping for relief items.
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