So they’re saying normalcy is the new trending word in Dominica…let me tell you about my normalcy. P.S I couldn’t give the story yesterday because I didn’t have good signal…*hidesface* Anywho, I returned to Fatima for mass for the first time since the hurricane. I had picked up a habit of going to church where I now live, but it doesn’t feel the same.

So yesterday at Fatima we had a lovely mass and all the congregation was rocking their lovely creole clothes (not me because right now if I go somewhere people should just be happy I managed to arrive with something on.) Msgr. John Lewis had an uplifting message about loving God and what it means to love yourself. Then the singing was phenomenal. Arthie Martin was there on steel pan.

All of a sudden I heard one strong harmony coming from choir. I stretched my short self to get get a better view only to see KareemTrevor and Shanice repping for our Saturday night Sweet Harmony choir. I said ay ay, I’m home. #normalcy #itsthelittlethings

By Trudy Christian


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