Positive Notes from Positive People #39

Posts under this heading feature positive messages from Dominicans both here and abroad. In this time of significant trials and tribulations, it's easy to be overwhelmed by negativity and disharmony. Let these short messages pick up your spirit and help you move forward.


Stefan and I spent 2 Sundays so far picking up garbage (mostly plastic and styrofoam) from our beloved Champagne beach. Despite our efforts, we have made a mere dent in the amount of pollution seen at one of our key tourism sites.

How can we be a Climate Resilient nation when Dominicans cannot understand the basic concept of not littering let alone carbon neutrality, clean energy or even climate change. We are quick to pass the blame of climate change to larger countries and ignore our own wrongdoings.

If you disagree with me, prove to me that there are more than a handful of us who truly care about our environment. Clean up a beach, replant our native trees, support our wildlife through their struggles and recovery, and stop burning plastic!

We can’t expect others to help us and to move forward if we can’t even help ourselves #LeveDominik

Photos and Text by Jeanelle Brisbane

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