*This poem contains strong language and words that may offend. Please be guided accordingly. Thank you!

The Only Woman I Could Not Handle

I wanted her. 
Everything about her captivated me. 
Her slow strides, the size and shape of her eyes. 
How she commanded attention everywhere she went. 
She was the object of my attention. 

So compelling, I gave my last in preparation for our union.
Just get me wet I thought. Soak me from where I stand
And shake me in the right places.
Blow me.
Oh… how I long to feel that trembling sensation.

She only wanted me at night.
Where her performance is at its peak
And I’m sure to be left wonderstruck.
Ahh, just my luck.
I love a woman who can handle me.
One who knows how to get dirty.
Bringing life to my fantasy.
Eagerly, I strapped up and left my door unlocked. 

Excitement filled my room.
Heated romance penetrated my mind.
Raw unapologetic thoughts.
Knock, knock.
She was at my door.
My lips remained sealed.
I wanted her to feel it’s forced entry.
I wanted to proceed as the vigilante.
It echoed through my home then a loud Bang! 
She whipped my door in anger.
Hmm…She likes it rough!
I eased forward,
Gazed upon my ready state 
Then layed on my back.
With lips in their resting position
Only making motion in anticipation for her arrival.

She released my door from its hinges
Shattering windows and cracking walls.
I know she likes it rough
But didn’t anticipate damage to my stuff.
I braced myself.

She moved swiftly through my bedroom door.
I saw her
My heart lost its rhythm
And senseless utterances escaped me.
She was in my home naked.
Uncontrollable passion.

I screamed for her to stop
But her sexual energy grew from my aggression.
She enjoyed fucking me
But she was more than I could handle.
I released myself from her grasp and went in hiding.
Praying, that she would not find me.

She removed my ceiling to increase visibility.
Fear consumed me.
She ravaged my belongings, 
Forced herself into every room hunting me.
She wanted more of me.
Yet I could not give more of myself
She would be the death of me.
I remained in a crippled state, absent sound until she left my home.
Then like a baby i crept out from hiding.
Fuck you Maria!!!

About Monelle Alexis

Monelle is a teacher at the Dominica Grammar School, host of Vibes Radio’s Lovers Rock and hails from the community of Portsmouth. She is no stranger to the stage as has been known to act, host events and perform poetry and songs.

Monelle is an active reader and she is passionate about writing. She has written numerous poems dating from 1998 to present. The last piece she wrote is called ‘The Only Woman I Could Not Handle’.  It was written on a bus as she journeyed from the capital to her home in Portsmouth. She recalls laughing aloud and smiling while she wrote that piece. She is confident that the reader will be kept on his toes from start to finish. Monelle is pleased to share her piece with the world and she welcomes your feedback!



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