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Had the pleasure of going into the rain forest with Jeanelle Brisbane and the Forestry Division to see how the forest is recovering. Things are coming along nicely!

Jeanelle: “The regrowth is incredible. If anyone wants to understand what it truly means to be resilient they need to look at the forest floor. The open canopy has created a race to the top where you’re seeing a mass of tree saplings shooting up, competing to be a part of the big shots.

Honestly, people need to stop looking up at the broken branches and look down at the rebirth. There’s an entire secret world waiting to be discovered. Only then can people come and tell me if they think our forest is ‘destroyed’.”

About Survivor Mike’s

After surviving Hurricane Maria in a palm leaf hut in the forest, I decided to open Survivor Mike’s Outdoor & Disaster Prep Store to provide Dominicans with the same quality equipment I used to get by – before and after the hurricane.

We specialize in high quality personal solar equipment, solar lights, and solutions to keep you and your prized possessions dry! Contact us via FB messenger anytime, or via the contact info provided. We will expand our stock to include highly requested items so don’t be afraid to make your opinions heard!

Survivor Mike's
Survivor Mike in the rain forest with Jeanelle and a Forestry Division officer
Young saplings taking the place of trees that were damaged by Hurricane Maria.
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