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Across Dominica, there are numerous entrepreneurs and businesses who are dedicated to delivering first class customer service. They stand as shining examples for the rest of us. Each article in this series, Rave Reviews, will feature such a business place or a person who exemplifies excellent customer service.

Pagua Bay Pool

Pagua Bay House & Oceanfront Cabanas

From Christopher M. Gurnee (stayed February 2017, traveled as a couple)

Pagua Bay House
Photos of Pagua Bay House: Cabanas 1 and 2 (top), Gardens (middle one), Cabana 6 (middle two), Pool Deck (bottom)

We just got back from a week of an absolutely outstanding stay in Dominica. It was our first visit and from the time of booking my room to the day of departure, Rick, Alicia, Sheldon, and the rest of the staff at Pagua Bay House, did everything to make sure we had the time of our lives (without being intrusive).

It was our 25th wedding anniversary so I booked the Ocean Suite 6 for our romantic getaway. It was perfect.

The outlets are UK (but they have converters if needed and a hair dryer is included in the room… although remember the climate, so I wouldn’t waste too much time with the hair – my wife gave up the second day). USB jacks on the back of each bedside lamp was perfect.

Sheldon was great about helping us set up our daily itinerary and we could generally count on Alicia to come by at breakfast to see how we were doing and give additional pointers about the island (kind of like having your own “Julie” with an infectious bubbly attitude).

Listen to her and let them cater to your needs… you won’t be sorry!

Oh, and about that one review about the loud ocean keeping her up… how to put this nicely, you know, ocean sounds are generally one of the main settings for relaxation sound machines right?

Things to consider though. Considering the location of the Pagua Bay and your planned excursions, you will be traveling quite a bit to wherever your itinerary takes you. While there are some nice small hikes around the general area (as well as some tubing down the Pagua River) most of the really cool hikes, beaches and water activities will be about a half hour to an hour or so away which means a car if you’re adventurous or having someone drive you.

The other downside of this “proximity to other things” issue is where to eat (especially dinner) if you’d like to try other places other than the restaurant at Pagua Bay. That being said, Pagua Bay does a great job with tasty and diverse menu items, but it is nice to get around to other authentic Dominican food.

Of course one of the biggest advantages of the locale is the proximity to the airport since you will likely be taking an early flight on your return (and you will want to get there at least 2 hours before).

Aside from that, Rick and Alicia have done a remarkable job building a sanctuary from the rat race and have put great thought in the layout of the rooms with each located apart from each other enough to feel the in your own little world.

They lent us chairs for the beach, fins, and daily beach towels. Wi-fi was available throughout and working TV with a plethora of channels to watch if that’s your thing. Truly, this ranked in our top 5 and the service was top shelf!

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Hotel’s Profile

Name: Pagua Bay House and Oceanfront Cabanas
Location: Pagua Bay, Dominica (10 minutes away from Douglas-Charles Airport)
Contact: (767) 445-8888
 Description: Six cabanas each with ocean views and upscale amenities, including Wi-Fi. Choose between air condition or enjoy being caressed by the natural, cool sea breeze while sitting by the infinity pool!
Rates: Starts at US $230 per night
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