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Secret Bay

From Christopher T (stayed January 2017, traveled as a couple)

Imagine sleeping to the sound of waves crashing below and the quiet chirps of the coqui frogs. In the morning, with a cup of hot local coffee and fresh juice, you watch the sunrise from your balcony, the hummingbirds hovering nearby, a yellow bananaquit begging for a crumb of toast, and the iguanas climbing the tree trunks to catch the first rays of sun in the leafy canopy.

This is the daily cycle that you will experience at Secret Bay and it quickly becomes part of you. Before you know it, you are relaxed and connected, not to your social media account, but to your surroundings.

Secret Bay, Dominica
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The room: We stayed in one of the smaller villas, the Mapou, which was perfect for a couple. Great views from the balcony and upstairs bedroom looking toward the sparkling lights of Portsmouth. Nestled in the treetops, you have a great view of the waves below which were particularly transfixing in the moonlight. Guess what? No bugs. No spiders. I think we were bit by one mosquito the entire trip to Dominica which is amazing considering all of the hiking we did.

We never saw another guest during our entire stay. Lenita laughed and assured us that there were other people staying there. Wifi was great. Electricity, water, and a/c all worked without fail which isn’t always true in the Caribbean especially when traveling to boutique resorts such as Secret Bay.

When you stay here, you are paying for tranquility, privacy, personalized service, and unique villas in the trees.

The service: Lenita was our concierge and Magan was our villa attendant. Both were fantastic. One of the hard things to get used to at Secret Bay is that the service is catered specifically to your wishes. If you don’t want to wash a single dish, then you don’t need to wash a dish. If you don’t want to make your own coffee, then they will do that too.

Secret Bay, Dominica
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/secretbay/

You can choose where on-property you want to eat. Don’t see something on the menu that you want, then you can ask. It takes a few days to get used to this type of service. We chose to make our own breakfasts from foods that Secret Bay stocked for us, so we didn’t need to grocery shop. This also allowed us to wake up at whatever time we wanted to wake up. Invariably, we woke up with the sunrise.

We had Magan serve us dinners on our balcony and one lunch. She was so pleasant to talk to about the local sights and life on Dominica. She was very discreet and somehow she always knew when to return to serve us the next course of the meal.

Lenita was incredibly patient and cheerful as she helped us plan our itinerary.

She didn’t get tired of our endless questions. I don’t know how she does it other than to say she had a very organized clipboard. Lenita is an expert at planning your itinerary around the cruise ship schedule. She gives you an iphone so you can call her anytime.

The food: My wife and I are both vegetarians and Secret Bay knocked it out of the park. We had a large menu to select from and we tried every option without having the same thing twice. Every meal was fantastic. The soups were soooo delicious. Ask for the vegetable chowder and the pumpkin ginger soup. Eating excellent food is one of the things we love to do and Secret Bay is high on our list of best food experiences. I definitely recommend Secret Bay for vegetarians and “foodie” vegetarians in particular.

Secret Bay, Dominica
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/secretbay/

The island: Dominica has so much to do that it was difficult to make choices. We were helped a bit by the rough, windy seas during our visit. It kept us from snorkeling and other activities on the sea, but it opened up the rest of the island for us. We visited a bunch of waterfalls that most visitors don’t get to see. We got to experience the Carib territory. Of course we had some great lunches at local eateries.

If you are visiting during the winter, I suggest trying sorrel, a refreshing drink made from red flowers that grow on the mountaintops. Save some time to watch parrots on the Syndicate trail and jump from the rocks into Chaudiere pool. I recommend you bring hiking shoes. Rainforest trails tend to be muddy. The people of Dominica were all incredibly friendly. Be open and friendly back and you will be rewarded with memories of a lifetime.

Thank you Secret Bay!

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Hotel’s Profile

Name: Secret Bay
Location: Portsmouth, Dominica
Contact: (767) 445-4444
 Description: Secret Bay is an award-winning boutique hotel perched on the cliffs, among the trees on Dominica’s west coast. With access to two secluded beaches, concierge service and private chefs, the hotel is known for luxury, privacy and pampering. It’s the perfect location to spend a honeymoon or to enjoy a family holiday!
Rates: Various rates and packages available here.
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