Things to do in Dominica: Rodney’s Wellness Retreat

Rodney's Wellness Retreat featured

This trip had been a long time coming. I first heard about Rodney’s Wellness Retreat from a friend who spoke highly of their full moon bonfires. I had since heard so many good things about the establishment that I made it a priority to visit this summer.

We were lucky to meet with Bevin Lewis, owner of the property and I enjoyed our candid conversation about Dominica’s direction in the tourism industry. He’s very proud of Rodney’s and has good reason to be!

Main feature: Camping grounds
Difficulty: Not applicable
Cost to enter: US $20 per night for a couple’s tent (see below for more)

Rodney's Wellness Retreat, Dominica

Where is Rodney’s?

Rodney’s is located just outside the southern village of Soufriere, on the former lime plantation of Kanawa. The retreat is actually a group of establishments including CarRod’s Gardens and Cottages, Big Banana Campground and Kanawa Restaurant.

The drive to Rodney’s Wellness Retreat takes under 30 minutes. After you’ve arrived in Soufriere, it’s basically a straight shot to your left. Just keep left of the savannah and you’re bound to find it.

On Location

The entrance to Rodney’s gives you a good idea of what to expect… a rustic encounter with nature. At Rodney’s you’re surrounded by CarRod’s Gardens with fruit trees, flowers and other plant-life.

Popular for its campgrounds, Rodney’s Wellness Retreat has found a niche market of foreign students and weekend hikers. They love sleeping outside in nature, and you can do that peacefully at Rodney’s.

Rodney's Wellness Retreat, Dominica
Top: the entrance to Rodney’s tells your that you’re in for a rustic experience. Bottom left: these green banana trees are a mainstay throughout the gardens, as well as other fruit-bearing plants. Bottom right: this outdoor tub is attached to one of the bungalows available for rent at Rodney’s.

Amenities at the Big Banana Campgrounds include: washroom facilities, barbecue grill, laundry, picnic tables, free wireless internet, and a hammock area.

You could either bring your own tent or rent one of theirs. Here’s a price list:

Type of Camping Rates
Family tent (up to 3 people) US $40 per night / US $255 per week
Large tent (for two persons) US $30 per night / US $185 per week
Couples tent US $20 per night / US $120 per week
Pitch your own tent EC $30 per night
Bring a hammock EC $20 per night

At Rodney’s you can also sleep in a regular bed in one of their cottages. Named after two flowers found on the property (Oleander and Hibiscus), the one-bedroom cottages come with modern amenities such as: television, sofa bed, fans, wireless internet, outdoor bathtub, and a patio.

Here’s how much it costs to stay in the cottages (for two persons):

Time of Year Rates
15th October to 10th February US $135 per night, no meals / US $187 per night with meals
11th February to 3rd April US $115 per night, no meals / US $155 per night with meals
4th April to 14th October US $145 per night, no meals / US $197 per night with meals

For more information such as local and CARICOM rates, cost for extra persons, etc. please call (767) 440-8222.

Summing Up

We walked the grounds at Rodney’s Wellness Retreat for a few hours before sitting down to chat with Bevin.

You need to visit Rodney’s Wellness Retreat soon. Drive down and have a meal at Kanawa Restaurant or stay overnight in a tent or in one of the cottages. You won’t regret it. Tell Bevin I sent you!

“Soufriere, one of the favorite villages to hang out!”

The team here is giving camping and outdoor life a whole new adventure the camp site is great. The food trees will feed your natural experience and satisfy your soul. The dining experience will also delight your palate. And the family and staff is kind, supportive and great with tours. Don’t kiss them on your Nature Island Experience. Plenty of Tranquility and Sacred Bathing Here!

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