The Princess Margaret Hospital is the largest Health Facility on the island. With the support from ChinaAid, roof restoration has been undertaken for the following buildings: the Dialysis Unit, the Acute Psychiatric Unit, and the Nurse Residence (East and West) which also houses the Hospital’s Project Management Unit (PMU).

The installation of an incinerator will also see the provision of a roof for this critical component of the medical facility as well. The Dialysis Unit serves 44 patients, and the Acute Psychiatric Unit serves 33 patients of which 23 are male and 10 are female.

Mr. Wang Quanhuo, Chief of Economic & Commercial Office in the Chinese Embassy in Dominica participated in visit to the PMH along with UNDP on Wednesday 2nd May and we were hosted by Mr. Sylvester Henderson, the Head of the PMU overseeing the refurbishment.

Mr. Wang expressed his greatest satisfaction with the results achieved. So far, approximately 35,000 sq. ft. of roofing has been restored, equivalent to more than 70 average house roofs.

Photos credited to Zaimis Olmos/UNPD

This post was originally published on the Facebook page of UNDP Project Office.


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