September 26 – Press Briefing [Video]


Presenting a live broadcast of the daily Press Briefing by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica from the Press Room in the Office of the Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. This event is slated for Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

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Summary of the Briefing

Prepared by Nadira Lando


1. The French Med teams have been on island since Wednesday ; assisted with the medical equipment and covering of the roof, solar powered dialysis machines.

2. The hospital theatre will be fully set up today- electricity once fully restored would enable equipment to not trip.

3. The french have helevacted 2 patients to Martinique last night- a patient for transfusion and a pre-mature baby.

4. 8 Palestinian doctors authorized to assist at hospital and health centers.

5. A clean up team from Guadeloupe will be focused on Roseau clean up.

6. 1 KM of bailey bridges has been procured by boat to be installed as early as next week.


7. Digital Ireland will focus relief efforts on Kalinago Territory and Laplaine to rebuild homes , provide building materials and building of schools.

8. 4 sites are up- Great George Street, Layou, Stadium, with coverage from Pt.Michel to St. Joe.

9. 17 sites are coming in to be put in strategic locations.

10. 3.3 mega watts of generation available. PMH to be fully powered today.

11. Fed Drive and Solomon Lane to be powered by Sunday.

12. HV and low power lines will be dealt with after Sunday so that businesses in Roseau may be powered up.


13. Water supply is available in Cottage, Cochrane, Possie , Laplaine, Veille Case, Campbell

14. Antrim is up but a breakage is being fixed. once done, it will supply Mero to Castle Comfort.

15. Water will be available to Goodwill and PMH by tonight.

16. Roseau will be supplied once system fixed near Loblack bridge.

17. Sylvania and Corona area will have a supply by tomorrow morning.

18. Men sent to Castle Bruce to fix systems there.

19. Private Contractors will fix pipes in Ponte Michel/Loubiere

20. Woodfordhill, Wesley and Marigot systems were badly damaged therefore would be functional by mid-October.

21. North end to include Kalinago Territory and some parts of Marigot.

22. Bense has some water.


23. NO SHORTAGE of petroleum products. 122k gallons of gasoline and 280k gallons of diesel are available. Vessel arriving with more product this weekend.

24. Product available at Canefield, ACS, Jimmit (opening shortly) and Castle Comfort (damaged so not yet)

25. Please use approved containers to collect product (no bleach bottles- can cause chemical reactions and fires)

26. Do not store product near any source of heat and don’t run generators in closed spaces.


27. Infrastructure intact, product available in North East, Possie, Roseau, Canefield , McMillan and Sukies .

28. NO SHORTAGE of product. Tanker with more product docking tomorrow.

29. Don’t carry product in closed cars, and don’t store it inside. REMEMBER, THE VAPOUR IGNITES, not necessarily direct contact with the flame and liquid.


30. Plant severely flooded. Tanks and trucks intact.

31. Diesel 385k gallons. Call 275-5783 for product.

32. 700 barrels of LPG. No bottles at plant so please bring in bottles to be filled .

33. Residents of Jimmit and Mahaut , please ease traffic between 9-3 to facilitate works near the plant.


34. 100% of employees accounted for. 50% of Marpin and Flow employees reported to work.

35. 3 boats docked with relief. 6+17 experts assisting with FLOW.

36. 50% of plant assessed. 10% of mobile sites damaged. South West and South East access is ltd so assessments haven’t been done there. NE AND E, progress made. Mobile service to be restored 100% in Roseau by Friday.

37. Some level of Business vs restored to financial center. Voice services to be restored to govt agencies and police by Friday. Also to key businesses like CH.

INSURANCE – Steps to Follow

38. Visit office ASAP to make statement with brief description of damage. Fill form.. This is a MUST.

39. Ins Co will put info together and match your info to your records to see if you had coverage. Will take 3 weeks as they will need to get valuations , cost of replacement / repair.

40. Motor Vehicles would have had to have HURRICANE COVERAGE which is separate from the regular coverage.

41. 10-15 persons will be authorized to visit homes. LOOK FOR THEM , ASK THEM. Don’t wait for them to find you.

42. Claims will then be adjusted , and you and Ins will negotiate a figure.

43. MORTGAGED PROPERTIES- Due to your agreement, payouts will be made to you AND bank / financial inst as one. Settlement isn’t just to pay loan back but to help u get back on your feet.

44. Adjustors from T&T, ANU, BDOS, PR will do inspections along with the authorized people.

45. Buildings which were not destroyed / damaged by H.Maria but were broken into DO NOT fall under HURRICANE COVERAGE.

46. 19M received to cover insurance and has been put in Govt account at ECCB.

47. PM negotiating to receive 100k in grants and loans from the World Bank. It is currently at 64M.


48. Correspondence has been sent to UWI and US schools to keep students in. With your commitment letters, don’t worry.


49. You will be able to send in personal packages from next week. PM will advise more later.


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