September 27 – Press Briefing [Video]


Presenting a live broadcast of the daily Press Briefing by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica from the Press Room in the Office of the Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. This event is slated for Tuesday, September 27, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

Summary of the Briefing

Prepared by Nadira Lando


1. Troops from TT and security advisor and team from JA will be overlooking the state of security . They will also look at security for the private sector so they can safely reopen businesses.

2. The lack of sufficient security on the ports is one of the main reasons why personal packages are not allowed at the moment. By next week, there will be sufficient security to allow this process.

3. Search and rescue is continuing with search dogs and other technology .

4. Schools will be assessed to ascertain its structural integrity. The Gov’t is focused on re-opening schools asap which would also give parents an opportunity to return to work.

5. A benefactor is willing to source and finance 15 large tents which will be erected to house classes as well as desks, chairs, chemical toilets, teaching and learning resources. Further, hot meals will be provided to the students.

6. 5th formers and primary school students will be accommodated first.

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7. The distribution of supplies will be equal. The PM has arranged for the Secretary of Cabinet to convene meeting of Permanent Secretaries along with members of the EOC. A protocol for the distribution of supplies has been drawn up to govern accountability , transparency and equity in distribution.

8. This protocol will be shared with regional and and int’l partners to receive their input. Once approved, it will be used as official protocol and disseminated to the public.

9. Vouchers for relief supplies will be given to everyone which would include what you ought to receive . Holders will go to the distribution points, turn in the vouchers to receive the items.

10. Most supplies are delivered by the agencies which have brought them in.

11. Because of the rough seas and logistics of vessels and the large supplies they have , there is a delay with some partners bringing in. PM opened line of credit with Bdos suppliers for 350 tonnes of supplies.

12. 2 shipments will be arriving today- one at Woodbridge Bay to support SW and E villages and one at Portsmouth to support Colihaut to Calibishie.

13. The British and Venezuelan are using their helicopter assets to transport food. The goal is to have EVERY village adequately supplied today.

14. On friday , will receive 165 tonnes of food purchased from Bdos.

15. 14 40ft containers of food from Anu to be received today or tomorrow. Plane of supplies from Morocco , Suriname and other Cbbean islands to be received tomorrow .

16. 4 water systems – water trucks commandeered by the Chinese will be filed with water supplied by the Brit and Dutch ships . These trucks will go street by street to allow residents to fill containers.

17. PMH is up thanks to first responders, French as well as PAHO, UN countries , Cuba and Palestinian doctors etc.


18. Cuba will continue to assist DOM by way of engineers, medical supplies and team, tech teams. They are working on opening the road from Roseau to the Airport .


19. 60 tonnes of humanitarian aid has been provided -20 tonnes being brought today. 700 member team to include sailors , marines and skilled personnel assisting DOM. 9 helicopters and 4 landing craft providing food, water and shelter.

20. 9 tonnes of tarpoline, 6 tonnes of food and 6 tonnes of water being delivered today. Team is responsible for reconstructing medical clinics and providing generators.

21. They will be/are focused on East and South east – Tete Morne, Castle bruce, Laplaine, Rosalie . 60 T will supply these villages today as well as 10 villages up there which were cut off.


22. Checked on the areas in need of most. Have 2 boats , 1 helicopter in addition to the ship. Have been to isolated areas and conducting medevacs (over 50).

23. Will and have responded to Jimmit, Layou – Hampstead and extending to Wesley. Have provided 30K kg of for and fixed generators and dialysis apparatus.

24. They will receive 15 metric tonnes of food , water and med supplies as well as transportation and will start to distribute today. They will remain in DOM for one more week.


25. Made initial assessments immediately after H. Maria . France sent 62 member search and rescue and med team. Restored PMH and opened roads around the city with chainsaws .

26. 30 tonnes bottled water distributed by speedboat and helicopter in the south including Pt. Michel, Soufriere and Scottshead . The health center in Soufriere has been restored. Food and Water continued to be distributed by speedboat in these areas . 24t water, 8t food have been provided, 12 people have been evacuated to the PMH , 2 to Martinique and 63 aided by their med team. Sheets are being supplied to cover roofs and rods .

27. Search and rescue is leaving today but France remains committed.

PALESTINE & Venezuela

28. 36 Team members – 11 doctors, 8 surgeons , 10 civil defense , 10 for rescue & first aid.

29. 4t supplies from Venezuela and SVG. Air and boat transport from Venezuela allowed distribution to Marigot and 6 neighboring villages.


30. Focused on non food items – more materials which are at the various ports – containers for water , plastic sheetings for roofs . 10 helicopters are operating and working on getting forklift to DC Airport. They have funded the Dom Red Cross.


Teams with the CDEMA focused on detailed damage assessments and to ensure that all efforts are made as well as avoiding duplication .


31. Supporting the CDEMA by mobilizing resources . Deployed water resources and other responders. Also providing shelter equipment and food.

32. They are working with the Min of Health to re-establish med facilities . They have distributed 58 kilos of high energy biscuits and 57k litre bottled water and 3 tones of dry food .

33. Several NGOs deployed in other countries.

PS for Min of Tourism – Ms Prevost

34. The essential service providers have to be taken care of as well- PMH, Police, Fire Station Prison etc.

35. The four ports receiving cargo – DC Airport to service Marigot to Calibishie , Kalinago Territory . Longhouse to service the north- Possie to Cottage, Bourne to Bense , Thibaud to Penville . The canefield airport and Woodbridge bay to service the Roseau and environs West, the south and unreachable areas.

36. There will be a list of distribution points by the end of today. These points will be in each community with teams there to distribute the supplies. Times and dates to collect will be made available.


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