In early January 2018, Grenadian volunteers comprising of lecturers and students from the St. George’s University’s Marine and Wildlife Department were honored to help in the rehabilitation of our forests and wildlife following the devastation caused by hurricane Maria.

The group was able to conduct visual and quantitative surveys of various forest reserves and also assess the status of the endemic Dominican parrots; the Sisserou parrot (Amazona imperalis) and the red-necked amazon (Amazona arausiaca).

“The widespread destruction seen on the ground was quite sobering but the ‘spirit’ and motivation of the people we met and had the opportunity to work with gave us the assurance that Dominica and its natural resources are in good hands. Already the forest is showing good signs of natural regrowth! Dominica will rebound! Thank you for making this mission a success.” – Group member

To the St. George’s University – Grenada, the Grenadian people, Dr. Andrea Easter-Pilcher, Leon Radix and all who made this trip possible – thank you for coming to Dominica to volunteer your time and experience!

Photo source: Waitukubuli National Trail Facebook page


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