Tamara Lowe - To You Who Love Him
Tamara Lowe

Listen to Tamara’s recitation of “To you, who love him” by clicking the play button. Or read the poem in its entirety below.


I see you everywhere!
On the streets
Nervous eyes fixed on the sky,
Looking for his familiar face, like in Hunger Games.
I see you, backs bent, steps slow
As you carry the weight of his actions.
Tears have formed paths on your face,
Awaiting another storm; like a river, they remember.
Your lips move quickly, as pleading words rush from deep cracks in a broken heart, Reaching for God.
Your elbows and knees are bruised from sleepless nights of crawling through your darkest memories,
Searching for that moment when you first failed him.
I see you everywhere…
His umbilical cord, like a chain, connects you
As you drag behind you the memory of the loving young son he used to be
And the burden of the angry stranger that he has become.
I see you everywhere,
In the mirror, with vacant eyes, as your mind reasons with ‘Worry’ who has taken your happiness hostage…
I see you everywhere…

To you who love him,
You must fight for him… your son, your brother…
Cover his retinas with contact lenses, free of self-hate and self-degradation,
For Self-Hatred is devouring the souls of our children…
Give him pebbles, like Hansel and Gretel,
To go back to find the version of him who knew nothing of anger or self-pity or violence. They will help him find his way back.
He will need headphones, vibrating with Farrell’s ‘Happy’ because the streets are screaming his name,
They will not stop!
Call on the pillars of men in our society to offer their backs, strong and resilient,
To lift him into a new wisdom of what a man should be…what he should represent!
Like David faced Goliath you must face his demon, stand up, conviction in chest,
For your love for him can lift dormant dreams from settled graves!
This fight has come to you, bold and unforgiving,
So you must fight!
To you who love him,
You must fight for him…
To you who love him,
You MUST fight for him…
Because the streets are fighting too!


About Tamara Lowe

Tamara Lowe is a proud Portsmouth native and General Manager of Tropical Shipping. She has performed at several Literary events held in Dominica and intends on one day publishing a book of her many poems.

Here’s a video of Tamara performing another poem of hers, entitled “My Intricate Affair”:


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