Things to do in Dominica: Trafalgar Falls


Main feature: Waterfalls
Difficulty: Easy
Cost to enter: Free for residents | Visitors pay a User Fee (click for more information)

Trafalgar-Falls, Dominica

Trafalgar Falls is definitely one of the top three most visited tourist attractions in Dominica, due to its proximity to town, easy hike and a few other reasons.

Recent pictures and videos of the site showed that it had changed quite a bit since Tropical Storm Erika, but I needed to see for myself, and so we drove up there one weekend.

Where is Trafalgar Falls?

These popular twin falls are a 20 minute drive from Roseau, into the Roseau Valley. It is quite easy to get there.

Along the way you’ll go through the settlements of Bath Estate, Fond Canie, Shawford and Lily Valley. You’ll know you’ve almost arrived when you see the DOMLEC power station on your right and Papillote Wilderness Retreat on your left.

On Location

The Visitor’s Center and parking lot were empty and hadn’t changed much since our last visit before the storm. We walked for about 10 minutes into the rain forest towards the familiar viewing platform. From there we were able to see the stark difference between Trafalgar Falls now, and the falls before Tropical Storm Erika. Here are before and after shots of the same location:

Trafalgar Falls, Dominica
As you can see, the waterfalls themselves haven’t changed much, but the foliage and surrounding areas are very different.

That said, the Trafalgar Falls still on of the most popular visitor locations, and with short climb you can take a dip in newly formed pools, courtesy of Tropical Storm Erika.

Summing Up

I was able to witness with my own eyes, the destruction caused by Tropical Storm Erika at Trafalgar Falls. Do you remember the sulfur pools just below the viewing platform…? They were completely covered by falling rocks and boulders during the storm.

On the bright side, an old sulfur deposit at the foot of the father falls was reopened and I hope to take a closer look in a future visit.

“Beautiful falls perfect for a hot or cloudy day.”

Take the bus from Roseau and walk to the entrance or a taxi depending on budget and physical conditions, pay your pass at the entrance and walk ten more minutes to the platform for an amazing view then you can climb on rocks to reach some nice pools or the top to go under the fall (left one) and alternate between hot springs (orange colored rocks) and cold springs careful very slippery! […] The musician on the platform is here to welcome you with a Bob Marley melody and you can buy a flute 🙂

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