“At 8:00 AM the center of Hurricane Maria was located near latitude 14.6 North, longitude 59.7 West. Maria is moving toward the west-northwest near 12 mph (19 km/h), and this motion with a decrease in forward speed is expected through Tuesday night.

On the forecast track, the center of Maria will move across the Leeward Islands late today and tonight, and then over the extreme northeastern Caribbean Sea Tuesday and Tuesday night.”

This is an excerpt from the 8:00 AM weather advisory on Monday 18th September, 2017. I don’t think I’ll soon forget those words or the twenty-four hours that followed. Everyone knew that Hurricane Maria was coming, but I suspect that hardly anyone was adequately prepared to endure her wrath.


I encountered this ‘waterfall’ on the way up to Portsmouth (near Colihaut) that morning. It’s hard to tell, but the water must have been about 12 inches high at its deepest point. For those of you who don’t know, the waterfall does not usually occur here. It was caused by heavy rains in a short space of time, needing to find its to the sea.

The drive North was mostly gloomy. I drove through what had to have been one of the early bands of Hurricane Maria, and for fifteen minutes, the rain fell as heavy sheets of water, obscuring one’s view to the point where most motorists opted to use their headlights. The town of Portsmouth was wet and the sky was dark. I quickly did my business and headed back to town.

Driving back from Portsmouth, I stopped to capture photographs of other waterfalls along the route. Check them out below:

Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One-1a Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One-2a Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One-3a Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One-4a Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One-5a Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One-6a Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One-7a Hurricane Maria - Dominica Day One-8a

I got back into town by 11:30 AM and the most recent advisory put Hurricane Maria as a Category 3 hurricane. We still had no idea what we were about to face…


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