On September 18, 2017 Dominica was devastated by a catastrophic category 5 Hurricane Maria. The effects of Hurricane Maria resulted in the loss of many lives and complete destruction of several properties. It caused extensive damages to many homes, businesses, livelihoods, government buildings and road networks.

Sadly, our tourism and agriculture sectors have been greatly impacted. Due to the changes in landscape from numerous landslides, fallen trees and damages to our pristine forests, we regret to inform you, our hikers, potential visitors, stakeholders and residents that all 14 segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail are now closed.

We will be working hard to change this and to rebuild our beautiful nature island, and will keep you informed as we progress. Keep us in your thoughts and memories always.

About the Waitukubuli National Trail

It is with great pleasure that the Trail Management Unit of the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division – Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry extends a warm welcome to users of the Waitukubuli National Trail, and visitors to Dominica. We invite you to experience the Caribbean’s first and only long distance walking trail.

The Waitukubuli National Trail is over 115 mi/ 184km & forms a winding corridor through the length of the Nature Island – from Scott’s Head in the south to Capuchin in the north, and back to Cabrits National Parks. Consisting of 14 segments, the trail traverses Dominica’s forest reserves, National Parks such as the Morne Trois Pitons World Heritage Site, several river crossings, historical & eco-sites and connects 32 communities. The trail showcases Dominica’s natural & cultural heritage and is an important product for recreation, hiking, adventure, research, bird watching and many other activities.

The WNT was conceptualized by the Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation and was constructed (2007-2012) by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, in partnership with the Regional Council of Martinique and funded by the European Union.


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