Where is Dominica and How to Get Here

Where is Dominica?

If you ask someone who lives outside of the Caribbean, “where is Dominica” you’re likely to be met with a blank stare. That’s because Dominica is truly one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets!

Dominica is fondly referred to as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ and is found between French territories, Guadeloupe and Martinique. We’re located in the center of the Eastern Caribbean archipelago and should not to be confused with the Dominican Republic!

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While we love our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters to the north, we’re located 15 degrees North latitude and 61 degrees West longitude.

Check this out for perspective: Dominica is about 1,400 miles southeast of Miami, 400 miles southeast of San Juan, 400 miles north of Venezuela and 1,500 miles west of Central America. The map below will put those

Where is Dominica?
Dominica’s location in relation to the rest of the Caribbean. Source: www.cbiu.gov.dm/

Getting to Dominica

By Air

The island has two airports, Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM), formerly known as Melville Hall, and Canefield Airport (DCF). None of these are international airports and they cannot accommodate large commercial passenger jets.

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However, you can take a connecting flight from a neighboring island such as Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua or St. Martin. The official Dominica Flight Schedule is a comprehensive list of scheduled flights into and out of Dominica. It will be a big help in planning your trip.

Six carriers flying into Dominica regularly, and you can see their names and contact information on the Flights into Dominica page.

By Sea

Dominica has numerous seaports, accommodating both cruise ships and high-speed ferries. The cruise ship season runs from late October to mid-April and you can see a detailed list of scheduled cruise calls here. Cruise ships dock at the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth or Woodbridge Bay Port in Roseau, and at the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth in Portsmouth.

For stay over visitors coming from North America or Europe, a high-speed ferry trip may be the best option to get into Dominica. Operated by L’Express des Iles, these 300-400 passenger catamarans ferry passengers between Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Lucia.

The official Ferry Schedule is made available by the Discover Dominica Authority and reflects the most recent ferry schedule including ferry departure and ferry arrival times. This includes St. Lucia ferry times, Martinique ferry times, Guadeloupe ferry times as well as Dominica ferry times.


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